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  1. yeah that shop has the Shelby series 1, Saleen S7 & the SSC Ultimate Aero. Thats it
    So I downloaded this thinking it would enhance my Offline races...but every one of the new races seems to be for online multiplayer only. I tried playing with all the settings but could not find any way to start the races with ai bots... I also opened up the editor but none of the new races show up to be able to be edited
  2. either im a noob or im going blind but i cant for the life of me find where/what dealer to buy this car...
  3. I have a similar question about online. might be a noob question but how come i cant see any multiplayer races? or clubs or drive-in's.
    I've just started playing TDU again after 10+ years. PS2 days. Found this website after some research. Love TDU Platinum. And This add-on is SO GOOD! I've always wanted a strictly "old school / vintage racing game" And this mod definitely fills that perfectly. Plus, TDU 1 already has a somewhat 80's feel to it with the way the environment looks. Thank you for this add-on! love the radio & traffic patch as well. Also I just realized something so cool about this mod. I can go to a Ferrari dealer and pick up a 250 GTO for 500,000. Now lets say im done playing in the 80's and want to time travel to 2023 so i play the regular platinum version. Well now that 250 GTO is worth 5,000,000 HAHA! so cool
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