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  1. Tried it, loved it. Unfortunately don't have as much time to waste on it as I'd like. Although it's short for a wow factor its predecessor had, still pretty much a decent sequent. I'm waiting for some Ati miracle performance patch so I could put some serious effort in this game. question: is it possible to have multiply game profiles with the same EA ID? Can't find it.
  2. The odd thing is I've been using the same file for days before Avast finally erased it. One day it was just gone. So I thought it was infected retrospectively...
  3. I can't use Cam Hack 1.3 anymore since my AV found it's infected. Tocaedit site is down so can't dwnload it again. Any1 knows what's happening?
  4. Congratz to Ryan! :thumbsup: I guess those three at the top share the first place? Urs is in the middle so it makes it the real winner. ;) Anways u got the price for 'the best video' since the other two are a blog and a fun-site.
  5. I wouldn't know about GT5 handling since I'm not a PS3 owner but there are lots of other racing games which have physics models I'd love to see in TDU series. LFS or iRacing are maybe a bit too extreme for this kind of game, but anything in the range between the SimBin games (GTR2, GTLegends, RaceOn) and Shift would do. This range could be achieved through a driving aids system and that would be a dream game for me.
  6. No no no those guys are all phoney! This girl is real :thumbsup: http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee39/wroomster/IMG_9438-1.jpg
  7. Why steering sensitivity not at the minimum? With this u have some dead zone. The slide far to the left and it's gone. I also turned off all the vibrations, I left it maybe at a few percent, they seemed pretty wrong.
  8. Well, the choice of music is really mostly up to someone's taste and u can't argue about it. I liked the music but again, that's just me. The most important thing is that it supports the video and imo it certainly does.
  9. I don't wanna offend anyone, but frankly almost all of the entries are pretty disappointing except Ryzza's and maybe Obi's (the one with a big '2' on the thumbnail). If I'm not mistaking (9 minutes is just too long for the trailer) S71NG3R just put several trailers together without any editing. Too bad Ryzza didn't have any decent competition here. Truly the best, but favorites don't win always...;)
  10. Weren't u in beta? There's nothing much more to see here, except some cars we already knew they were in and maybe some wrecks positions (we saw 4/10 rusty Beetles by now) but I'm not too keen in looking for them anyway, I want it, and a 2CV, two best cars in the game ASAP...;)
  11. Don't u forget to feed the squirrels 'cause they gonna come after u...:taz: Happy anniversary dear ducklings! :drunk:
  12. If 3 screen set up is not supported by the game, the screen appears stretched and distorted I believe, as some complained during the testing period. What does it mean then?
  13. Multiscreen support also implemented I understand?
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