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  1. I have totally forgotten about the show since episode three or four. There was a Jalopnik article about this very thing and it turns out I'm not the only one who stopped watching. Not sure where I'm heading with this, just something that struck me when I read that article. :shrug:
  2. Corporate identity - kidney grille, hofmeister kink, two-piece tail lights, short-ish overhangs typical for RWD vehicles, etc. Continuous development of the company's design language. Totally normal thing to do. Merc's wagons used to be boxy in the past, Volvos too, they all kinda looked like their predecessors but they got rid of their trademark wagon design for whatever stupid reason. C7 A6 is a very nice thing, indeed. I'd have thought that people would call that a bland thing, but not the newest 5 series which has more lines and creases than ever before (and for the worse, imho).
  3. How is it bland? :hmmm: What wagon is not as bland?
  4. Yeah, but let's be real: they're not gonna do it so you gotta work with what is available. --- Post Updated --- Here's the new 5 Series Touring, btw. M5 not coming, but M550i is. :cool:
  5. I'd keep it simple: Ford is an American company. Full stop. If we were to allow these certain Europe-only vehicles, it would get messy in here real quick. For examply, what to do with the first-gen Focus? Built by Ford of Europe and then Ford of North America changed it up a bit and started selling it a few years later. Now, what about the Europe-only RS version? Europe-only version of a worldwide car built by an European subsidiary of an American manufacturer. :p
  6. Exactly, lol. Car needs to be black and have the chrome line blacked out.
  7. that gif sums up my feeling about any game hahaha. So many failed NFS games out there so all this PR talk is just blahblah. Of course they're not gonna say that the new game will be bad, but still :carryon:
  8. Electronic Arts has announced that the very next Need for Speed title will be coming in the next fiscal year (April 1 2017 – March 31, 2018)
  9. I don't have anything else to say other than it's been nice 8 years (for me) and hope that this place will still be alive and well by 2027 and beyond.
  10. The one with the wing appears to be a ZR1 and the other is the mid-engined next-gen Vette.
  11. Not bothered to copy & paste the info that, I bet, was under the photos?
  12. been meaning to post this guy's channel. Although it is in Italian, the content is interesting and I enjoy watching them. A number of them have English subtitles. Just uploaded an EB110 vid today. Davide Cironi Drive Experience
  13. 1.385 kg weight GT 2:09,8 LT 2:10,8 458 2:12,9 It costs twice as much as the other two cars so it'd better be faster than them
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