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Found 3 results

  1. Cockpit Immersion (or whatever). Overhaul of physics/atmospheric/misc/ambient shared sounds. A lengthy essay was originally planned, but I got overwhelmed trying to write it out. :duck: That, and I just spent 2 months testing and adjusting and re-adjusting this thing. I just want to get it off my hands now - hear what you all think. I consider it "released" because, like I said ...2 months. :hiya: That being said, I'm ready and willing to tailor to peoples request. Like a cruise-pack or different brakes or Turbos or Trannyswines. No 2 BNKs are the same volume, in fact, volumes are all over the place. Most community Mods tending towards ..really really loud. :D I can't assume that we all have the same layout of sounds either. Although seeing as we're all "here", I recon there's a fair chance that, the best of the community's work has found a nesting place in most setups and that there's hardly a vanilla engine left. So I'm hopeful that your experience will be, at least close, to my laborious testing. I tried hard to make it work without catastrophic side-effects and designed it around a mid to semi-high volume engine, not a 24dB past clipping Ferrari :lol:. Although I do like those. (the sounds, not those sissy-little-snob-vessels) :duck: (F40 and Testarossa excluded). Wow, it's half an essay already. So, basically It's an overhaul of all/most shared sounds with an emphasis on racing in driver's-seat POV. Ideally this is for HomeCinema Surround setups but quality headphones might do surprisingly well provided they can do very low frequencies. Don't know about desktop speakers though, if they can relay that enclosed cockpit sense. You can still enjoy the more detailed, hand-crafted and timed sounds and events of course. Try it out in a medium (or differing) volume car(s) on "Return to Sender" track, it offers good opportunity to stomp on the brakes, slide, skid and hit all sorts of crap. Or just drive around like a maniac, as usual. :cheeky: If you cruise alot please let me know if certain sounds/events demand a cruise-fix-addon. Give it a thorough testing for a day or two before commenting that this or that sound is too high/low/intrusive/non-happening and you hate it like the plague :stinks: .....2 months First one to yell preview gets 2 complimentary bottles of laxative. Cheers Daniel Download Link 1: http://www.sendspace.com/file/5av5ux Instructions. 1. Make sure you're not running low on Mocca 2. Get a magic map 3. Backup/rename crap 4. Extract/overwrite crap with new crap 5. Frantically click icons at random 6. Go get mom.
  2. Files were created for DLC Explo v0.27! Involved: thunderhawk17382 & Szabi1991 Thanks to: Szabi1991, Djey, Oleg, Knyazev, tomsolo, RacerS, Minime891, Tool831, Speeder, Guys from Xentax Forum and the forgotten. Special thanks to "bug-reporters": kporys, Draps, FranckRibery Used Tools: TDU Modding Tools II - Mini BNK Manager by Djey TDU2 Texture Tools & TDU2 Universal Launcher by Knyazev TDU2 Camera Hack by RacerS Zmod2 by Oleg HxD Since these are only files for testing, I actually presuppose that you know what to do with the files. But anyhow - unpack TDU2 - backup your savegame - backup/replace the file(s). TDU2 Camera Hack by RacerS should be helpful. After moving your cam-position, it can sometimes lead to flickering arrows (in some angles). Just move the cam slightly. You will find latest "upgraded" cars (with indicators on dashboard). EDIT 04/01/16: New download 23/Jan./2012 Audi R8 V10 Coupe v0.1 24/Jan./2012 Audi S5 v0.1 25/Jan./2012 Audi RS5 v0.1 VW Golf 6 GTI v0.1 28/Jan./2012 VW Touareg v0.1 25/Feb./2012 -DEAD- Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano + China Edition by Szabi1991 -DEAD- 11/March/2012 Mercedes SLS v0.2 - "brakediscs lost" is fixed Audi S3 v0.2 - "indicators brighter while lights on" should be fixed 12/March/2012 Audi Q7 V12 v0.4 - "brighter while using the flasher" is fixed -- "indicators brighter while lights on" should be fixed also 13/March/2012 Ferrari 458 Italia v0.5 by Szabi1991 - "exhaust-pipes" changed 14/March/2012 Mercedes ML 63 AMG v0.1 16/March/2012 Audi Q7 Inuit v0.1 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 2 v0.1 9/April/2012 Alfa Romeo MiTo v0.1 10/April/2012 Nissan GTR v0.1 Have fun! Best regards Stefan
  3. I found a bug. If I drive the 135i (replaced on SLK55 AMG) and if I'm in the cockpit, the guages show 20-30 kp/h more than the digital one. Can you (tool) fix that, if you're going to make a second version? I don't know, if tool was informed about this problem.
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