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  1. A new set of wallpapers of ATG: Kish for you! I had to reduce the image quality to meet the attachments limits, for better higher quality images, visit the channel of ATG: Kish in the TDuck discord server. Regards.
  2. Here are some new screenshots of the project. Unfortunately, I have to stop the development of this project for at least 11 months due to my unexpected education and financial problems. I can't afford to buy the necessary rights for this project, and there is not enough free time for it, at this moment.
  3. Good to know that TDuck is active. Would be even better if it gets more engagement.
  4. Guys and gals, here is the new ToDO list. A lot of stuff has been done. Heading to modeling the island next. For more info check the ToDo list. 0) Animations System 1) Wiper Controller and Animation Play/Pause 2) Start continuing 3D modeling the Kish island The FBX modding feature took the most of the time and effort and still has not been finished, yet.
  5. There is no plan for the multiplayer, at least for now. Thus, there are no plans for online clubs. I will add the house modding and single player clubs to the wishlist.
  6. Great job to Mili and to the authors of the 3D models. IMO, it is better TurboDuck host the file as it will add credit to both TDU Platinum and TurboDuck.
  7. Hi there, Does anyone know where to get these cool road and environment texture mods? And Great job @Milli!! I suggest adding these great looking road and environment textures to the mod. (Notice the roads and the McDonald textures) Regards. - Dan.
  8. Do you see this small step that is shown in the red rectangle in the ToDo list below? It took me more than a month to be done! - well, still it is not really 100% done. in case you don't know what's the point of this modding feature, then I suggest you watch the video below: After 2 weeks of continues working, +10 licenses and thousands of lines of codes. You now can add your Blender or 3DS Max models (or literally any new FBX file formats) directly to this software as car mods. Read my previous post to know more about that ToDo list.
  9. NFS Carbon #Throwback BlackBox Studios, the only team that designed "real" Need For Speed games. I edited these screenshots ofc. I'm not "spamming". Had to fix the post as the new forum update removed all the images, but I didn't upload new images due to the new attachment size limits so I've reused old screenshots for it. I'll share new never-seen-before screenshots of it here with less texts so that it won't looklike spam.
  10. //ATG:Kish A Community Simulator project! Check it out in this official TDuck thread!! *The nurburgring scene (screenshot #2) and the cars are not part of the final version of the project.
  11. I wish I had enough free time during the day to do so. But here is the 1st thread, and I guess all the "Archived" section of the gaming division should be "Read Only" - according to the description.
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, there are no Privacy options here. And you should have sent an e-mail to the old TurboDuck users to make them aware that their birth date is publicly visible. As far as I checked, it appears that after the new Forum upgrade, all the birthday dates are visible publicly unless they edit it. I speculate most older members of TurboDuck are not aware of this. Unless they spent their time checking the new account options here, like me. lol For the highlight color, use the code below in your CSS inspector: ::-moz-selection { background: black; } ::selection { background: black; }
  13. Still, I don't think this is a good approach. Perhaps adding character count, image and media tags, and text-formatting limitations (except hyperlink, color, and font-weight codes) would be a better choice than disabling it altogether. Best.
  14. I loved Digimon so much that my whole life was about Digimon lol. I still like Digimon much more than Pokemon!!
  15. Well, I used it to make people aware of my indie videogame project here by hyperlinks to the thread and the Discord channel. Perhaps it is better to add limitations to the signature instead of completely disabling it.
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