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  1. In case if you have an updated Windows 10, the method of renaming D3D9 to DXGI will likely not work. To fix this, I provided a mod for you guys and gals. With this mod you can have ReShade and Project Paradise at once. Download and test the mod in the link below.
  2. This guide is too old and I wrote it years ago in the Discord of Turboduck, it is only one of the ways to do so. Hopefully by posting it here more ppl can read and enjoy their personalized TDU game. This helps you add a car as a tuning car. It means that if for example you've bought a car and then if you go to a Tuning Shop in-game, then if you tune your car, then it also gets a wide-body-kit. For this to work, you obviously need a the 3d model of your customized vehicle first. then you can add the car model as a tuning model of the car. Regards.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple Reshade* preset for Project Paradise Multiplayer, It was not possible to have them both if you have newer Windows 10 OS but now it is!!** Setup Just move the files to where the actual game executable file is. You need to install Project Paradise first! ______________________________ * ReShade is a freeware for modifying shaders more about this tool is available here ** This mod was possible with the files from ThirteenAG, and the guide from here, As well as the files from Project Paradise. THIS SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED BY THE COPYRIGHT HOLDERS AND
  4. Version 1


    This is a simple Reshade preset with non-RTX & non-DX12 RT ray tracing effect* that I tried to make it work with TDU2. Press shift + F12 to open the panel and adjust the graphics settings in-game. Setup Just move the files to where the actual game executable file is. If you can't play TDU2 because you have an nVidia RTX graphics card then do the steps below!** Delete D3D9.DLL, if it is in the TDU2 directory Get DirectX9 https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=8109 Run directx_Jun2010_redist.exe. Extract the files wherever on
  5. Notice! Hey, Duckies. There have been several updates on the ATG project. Basically, there are 3 versions: ATG Kish - Includes the 1:1 real map of Kish Island with all the features of ATG ATG Nürburgring - Includes the real map of the Nordschleife, This project is stopped and will never publicly be released ATG Pardis - This is a tech demo, its image is shown below. ATG Kish is the main project, ATG Pardis is a smaller project with minimal features. Basically ATG Pardis is a Tech Demo. But unfortunately, My laptop has given up on working GPU-heavy
  6. In this blog post I'll wrap up what has happened recently to this project, and share some important stuff! [Part 2 of 2] The new garage scene UIs After a month of working on UI system, I've designed the new UI system based on the concept UIs. In the two images below, you can see how different the UI of preAlpha and the newer Beta version of ATG Kish look like! Still, the UI system is in the development stage and you can see how much is left for the UI system in the official ToDo list here and here. The Pause Menu In addition to all of these updates, I also w
  7. In this blog post I'll wrap up what has happened recently to this project, and share some important stuff! [Part 1 of 2] So normally in summer people have some free time to do their passion projects, so did I. I started with the UI designs. as it was planned in its ToDo list in "Trello" first. New User Interface system To start with the UI, I tried asking people what a good and a bad UI would look like in the official Discord of Around The Ground: Kish - which by the way, I suggest you to join it! The bad UI the good UI I quickly realized that people don't like the compl
  8. So before showing you guys the blog post and the video, lets wrap up what has happened to ATG. We discussed in TurbpDuck's Discord Server that how big the map of ATG Kish is, and I asked if 3D modelers can help building some 3D models for the map. I told the community that there is a Club in TurboDuck with a set of Youtube videos for 3D modelling for this project but we need enough people to kick start the Club. Moreover, I fixed a lot of bugs of this software. And designed the concept UIs, too. Although some of you guys offered to voluntarily make the 3D models of the buildings, but
  9. Check out some music videos that I made, these musics were used in the videos that I made for ATG Simulator. The next post will be related the recent updates for the project.
  10. Hi, After ~2 hours... I did the stupid thing I wanted to do, I found the place where Stradman took a photo of his Ford GT and compared it to the map of the TDU games. Click on the photo to zoom in. Didn't have a Ford GT in TDU2, and used Microsoft Paint for this so the quality is not great as didn't waste more time on this! Regards.
  11. The full story of Need For Speed games in the BlackBox studio's era. Ryan Cooper is the main character and here is his full story-line in order! Note that most of the games and movies are made without thinking about their future or past. so it is better not to think thoroughly deep into the timelines as apparently most of the times authors just try to link the movie or video game series last minute and without a solid thoughtful logic.
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