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Found 19 results

  1. [headline]GT Sport's January Update Brings 10 Amazing Cars And The Monza Circuit To Players[/headline] GT Sport Receives Ten Awesome Cars And Monza! The full details of the 10 cars that will be arriving in GT Sport in an update this week have been revealed, and so to has the surprise bundling in of the Monza racetrack with it! And even though we sort of worked out the majority of the cars that were in... Read more on this...
  2. Introducing 'Gran Turismo Sport' Newest Update: Adding Japan’s ‘AUTOPOLIS’ International Circuit and 5 New Cars Gran Turismo Sport has received an update on the 05 Match 2019. The following is a list of contents included with Update 1.34: 1. 5 of the the most iconic cars of the past have been added. TOYOTA GR Supra RZ '19 (N300) Pagani Huayra '13 (N700) Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren '09 (N600) Mazda Eunos Roadster (NA Special Package) '89 (N200) McLaren F1 GTR - BMW (Kokusai Kaihatsu UK Racing) '95 (Gr.3) 2. The 'AUTOPOLIS' race track, an international racing circuit of western Japan, has been added. ・AUTOPOLIS INTERNATIONAL RACING COURSE Total Length: 4,674m, Elevation Change: 52m, Number of corners: 18, Longest Straight: 902m The 'AUTOPOLIS' is a notable race track located in the middle of a mountain range in the Oita Prefecture of Kyushu, the southwestern island of Japan. It is known for its challenging layout, and while sector 1 is a simple high speed section, complex consecutive corners of all speed ranges await the driver in sectors 2 and 3. With a maximum upward slope of 7.2% and 10% downward, there are plenty of ups and downs on this track, and driving a full lap without a mistake requires high concentration. In addition to the International Racing Course layout, a Short Cut Course that makes Turn 10 the final corner has also been included. 3. The following 'GT League' event, where the 'Supra' takes centre stage, have been added: ■ Supra Legend (Amateur League) A special race event for the Supra, a line of high powered front engine rear wheel drive Toyota sportscars developed for racing. In addition, the following new rounds have also been added to the GT League: ■ Beginner League 2 new rounds added to the 'Mazda Roadsters Cup'. ■ Amateur League 2 new rounds added to the 'Mazda Roadsters Cup +'. ■ Professional League 2 new rounds added to the 'Premium Sports Lounge'. 2 new rounds added to the 'All Japan GT Car Championships'. ■ Endurance League 1 new round added to the 'Gr.3 Endurance Series'. 4. More additional features have been added. SCAPES 'AUTOPOLIS' have been added to the special featured section. There will be various other features, improvements and fixes implemented in this update. Please enjoy the continuing evolution of Gran Turismo Sport.
  3. Hello, I bought GT Sport. And although I couldn't get to my likes with the racing just yet, the photomode is incredible. And you all know what that means :) [ATTACH]30510[/ATTACH] Kicking off with a MiTo in the city of Paris. [ATTACH]30511[/ATTACH] Picadilly Circus, where I've been IRL :) [ATTACH]30512[/ATTACH] Although idk where or how to get cars in Venice, this looks nice. [ATTACH]30513[/ATTACH] TTS is mean :) [ATTACH]30514[/ATTACH] Income a large bunch of LC 500 shots. It's a really nice car, and I only halfway realised I could buy new cars to photograph. But hey. [ATTACH]30515[/ATTACH] In Norway. [ATTACH]30516[/ATTACH] Parked in a town. [ATTACH]30517[/ATTACH] Not too sure about this one tbh. [ATTACH]30518[/ATTACH] White desert ish things. [ATTACH]30519[/ATTACH] Parked in Hong Kong [ATTACH]30520[/ATTACH] Parked in some Japanese abandoned building. [ATTACH]30521[/ATTACH] Hmeh again. [ATTACH]30522[/ATTACH] Berlin, this very square I've been to IRL. [ATTACH]30523[/ATTACH] Some museum in Tokyo... [ATTACH]30524[/ATTACH] London! [ATTACH]30525[/ATTACH] And another one in Paris. [ATTACH]30526[/ATTACH] Venice again... [ATTACH]30527[/ATTACH] Golden Gate Bridge... [ATTACH]30528[/ATTACH] Parking on a pass in the Alps. [ATTACH]30529[/ATTACH] Driving in the LA Harbor. That's it for now, I'm sure there will be more soon.
  4. [headline]Gran Turismo Sport Receives 'GT League' Campaign, 12 New Cars And More![/headline] The big update for Gran Turismo Sport that many have been waiting for is here. The single player 'GT League' mode comes via today's 1.09 update and is effectively the good old GT single player campaign many adore the series for. Launching only back in October, the latest Gran Turismo game did appear to be suffering from a less... Read more on this...
  5. UPDATE [Nov 23rd '17]: More information and media posted on site Apparently, GT Sport has heard the community, and there will be a Free DLC this month. As shown in this video, and they also teased the back of GT League events, a.k.a. campaing mode. Which ones and when they will bring back? They all in same time or they will release them split in different DLC's? Here's the video. Sauce: MotoGamesTV Youtube Channel I honestly got hyped. Again. :lol: Edit: GT League is comming live as December's free DLC, among with the cars listed. For November, only the first three, (Audi R18, Iso Rivolta VGT and Shelby Cobra 427) will be available as free DLC, together with some updated features, such as scapes, livery editor being able to be used when offline. November DLC will be up at 27/11. Sauce 2: Playstation Blog EU
  6. It's obvious some people are playing this so how is it? Is it worthy of being a Gran Turismo? Does it fix areas the series has long been failing in, or is it a typical GT whereby it concentrates more on stupid stuff rather than where it should?
  7. Within less than 2 weeks of it's release, GT Sport decided to release their car list, together with some new videos and images to follow. There is a lot of eyecandy stuff for the carnuts :nuts: to look for. But that's not all, they also released a video of Interlagos racing track, which has only been seen in random images and as background in some videos. You can access the full car list in the source link. ;) Sauce: gran-turismo.com Edit: On my personal point of view, car list is really... meh. :lol: #notsatisfied
  8. [headline]Gran Turismo Sport Demo Confirmed For October 9th[/headline] A Gran Turismo Sport demo has been confirmed in a posting on the official PlayStation EU blog by Polyphony Digital President, Kazunori Yamauchi. In true GT-style, this demo is not of the typical affair. For a start it will last for only 4 days, however it will also act as a springboard to the full game as the in-game credit... Read more on this...
  9. This 6 minutes long video explains how the car class system will work on GT Sport. Funny enough is the fact the video is marked as "Not listed" on the Gran Turismo channel. :susp: And i am not sure if this fits in the same thread, maybe someone from the staff can help me with this, but this other video, shows something... let's say, curious. Widebody, spoilerless cars. :susp:
  10. [headline]Gran Turismo Sport Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Bundle Announced[/headline] The Gran Turismo series is well-known for being a system seller for PlayStation systems, and so just like the special console bundles that have come before, a new Gran Turismo Sport PlayStation 4 bundle has been announced to coincide with the first foray of the Polyphony Digital series on the near 4-year-old! console when it lands from October 18th. (man... Read more on this...
  11. [HEADLINE]GT Sport Will Release In October[/HEADLINE] GT Sport has a real release date at long last! The game that sees the GT series make its first outing on PS4 will release in mid-October with North America getting first turn on the 17th, followed by Europe a day later on the 18th and Japan one day more on the 19th. The Beta was received well while it was running and the series does appear to be working on its problem areas that fans have been shouting about to Sony and PD for too long now. Are you excited for GT Sport or has the competition got your attention more?
  12. [headline]Gran Turismo Sport Release Date Revealed In E3 'Theme Music' Trailer[/headline] Those waiting to hear about the actual release date for Gran Turismo Sport were given a little hope during the pre-show of PlayStation's E3 briefing, as a new video dubbed the 'Theme Music' trailer was shown. As it started to roll, the text 'COMING FALL 2017' appeared, giving the first clear indication of an intended new release window being... Read more on this...
  13. [headline]Porsche Officially Confirmed For Gran Turismo Sport![/headline] After damn near 20 years, Porsche is finally making its official appearance in Gran Turismo. The iconic brand has been sorely missed from the racing titan except for a hidden away attempt back in the GT3 days, where Kazunori Yamauchi tried to get his own 996 GT3 into the game, but unfortunately had to suffer the disappointment of not being... Read more on this...
  14. [headline]GT Sport vs Forza Motorsport 6 - Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Sound Comparison[/headline] Forza has typically been the winner in the console arena for authentic sounds but it could be about to have some actual competition in this from none other than Gran Turismo Sport. We had already talked about the off-screen footage showing a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat running around Brands Hatch, captured by MotoGamesTV, that was sounding good in a... Read more on this...
  15. [headline]Gran Turismo Sport off-screen footage from Tokyo Game Show[/headline] The Tokyo Game Show (TGS) took place last week and Polyphony Digital was there with Gran Turismo Sport and thanks to the top gaming media site Gamersyde, we have lots of off-screen footage. With varying levels of competency on display from those sitting in front of the wheel we can see that the visuals are looking rather nice. Nothing... Read more on this...
  16. Yup, it's official. There's a new game from PD and it's coming right at ya next year! Beta in early 2016.
  17. [headline]Sony release new preview images for GT Sport[/headline] A large amount of new screens have been released for GT Sport and with them we can see that Polyphony Digital have been busy little squirrels. (why... why squirrels?) 2016 has been a bit of a torrid affair for Gran Turismo fans, starting with the FIA-partnered event in July that seemed to show a less than stellar looking version... Read more on this...
  18. That camera mode looks absolutely stunning, the amount of freedom they've shown should pit a majority of games to shame , not to mention those images look amazing.
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