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Found 7 results

  1. Guest

    Idea for the site...

    So I had a random idea, dunno what everyone would think about it, but here it is. A for sale section :leaves: It could be kind of a 'locked' section where only site supporters/speshul people can create threads to sell stuff, to try and keep it under control. If people think they might make some money by selling off some old gaming stuff or car models/collectables to people on here, they'd have to donate $5 and become speshul to be able to post their stuff for sale (plus they'd get all the other perks of being speshul, so even better). I figured it may also bring a few extra people onto the site and make them join up if there's something they were wanting to buy. I dunno, it could have 4 sections maybe? Gaming related stuff, cars/car parts, hobbies and miscellaneous to break it up. There could be simple guidelines for making a for sale thread, post your country and location, a brief description of what it is you're trying to sell, whether you're willing to ship internationally, include some pics of it and a price etc. Maybe even include the no posts in the for sale section until you've reached 20 meaningful posts rule for non-supporters? So my idea in a nut shell, gaming related things, cars, hobbies, misc. for sale sections, supporters can create for sale threads while non-supporters can only post in those threads relating to the specific item being sold. (If they try to advertise something in one of those threads that post will be deleted etc.) I'd put my hand up to be a moderator of the for sale section to help out, plus all of the full moderators would be able to keep an eye over it aswell, or maybe restrict that to admins and super mods? Maybe there could be a select few to moderate over that section? I don't know about that there again, would be something that needed more discussion. Alright, everyone discuss below why you think this would be a bad/good idea or if you have any other ideas about how you'd go about it or what you'd change from my idea. *waits for Diablo's input*
  2. Last night I got an awesome idea for the UP... You know when you are at home when you click on the TV (MEDIA) it open you an interface similar to the Wii with channel and other... but you all awesome modders cant you add a channel in this ''Wii'' that should be called UNOFFICIAL PATCH ? where you can see last changelog of the patch and CAN NOTIFICATE YOU if a new version is available with some pictures and link to DL the new version it is just an idea but I tought it would be awesome if EVERYONE can see it after all.. it is a community patch, no ?;) CONCEPT PIC[ATTACH]19869[/ATTACH]
  3. Hello all I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in making a club for tdu2 on xbox as i never really seem to find a decent club on the xbox anymore. So if anyone would be interested in making a new club with me please let me know and we can chat more about it.
  4. TheStorm


    I'm having a boring start at work today so I'm thinking about modding and TDU2... I'm just thinking out loud here see what you think. It seems to me that the biggest problem with adding cars to TDU2 is that you have to replace an existing car... (I know that there are a couple of unused slots available.) Would it be possible to choose between several different folders containing cars? For instance replace every car on the game with an A7 car, then have a different car folder where every car is replaced with an A6 car, and so on.. Then possibly a little program to choose which folder to start up from or a just root file renaming to choose? TDU2 is good in that it starts up very quickly when you wanted to change class of cars it's no big hassle to exit and select a different file. There would be no limit (apart from disc space) to how many different files there could be. I'm sitting here drawing up lists of cars and groups and how to organise which cars into which groups. I'm currently thinking road cars A1 - A7 by power to weight ratio, 4x4's, Rally cars, Historic cars, Race cars - GT, Formula etc. (There could be as many groups as we can make cars to fit in them.) I know that this would have to be a big project and a lot more add on cars would need to be made first, plus I suspect that this wouldn't work for online play but I'm not fussed about that anyway as I have no internet at home.
  5. Hi everyone, I've moddeled a 08' Fiat Idea and I would like to see it at Test Drive Unlimited, if it's possible... I think its medium poly, I've moddeled it on Google sketchup 6. Its the first Fiat Idea that I see that will be converted to a game. I could send you some pics of the model if you want ....plx don't forguet to contact me to any questions thanks!:p
  6. Hey, I dont know whether there has been a subject brought up already, But I had the idea; In the category [General], if there can be constructed a Tv - Film and Music Forum. With this idea it may attract people to be on the forums abit more often and it could add to the popularity of the site. Just and idea lol..? Anyone?
  7. Now we have this new bit where you click the attatchment pic and they screen goes dark and it comes up, well is there a way to put arrows either side of the pis so if theres multiple pics we can easily click through them instead of closing it and re opening etc. just a thought
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