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    PC | APEX | TDU | The Sims 4 | DOW: Soulstorm UA 1.88.61
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    Scotland, Uk

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  1. My custom kitted Vauxhall Astra mk4 (G) 1.8 SXi :cool: --- Post Updated --- How many wheel controls do you want man! :lol:
  2. I very much appreciate everything you's guys have done for this IP :bow: The Alt_tab black screen could possibly be fixed by having a Borderless Fullscreen mode option in Project Paradise Launcher. How to Geek explains why this happens: Click Here. I've tested it out on windowed mode and Alt_tab does not cause any black screen issues.
  3. BAk99

    Your mailbox is full. Can you message me buddy?

    1. Very nice! :D
    2. THANK YOU! I have been trying for days to find a browser that would work :3
    3. Astra 1.6 SXi - Love this motor <3
    4. I feel games are gonna creep up in specs soon.. Nvidia has 1060 or 1080 or whatever. Final Advisory would to hold back for something nearer a complete build time or buy a 980 ti :)
    5. Passmark for all round stress test, MAXON | Cinebench CPU Processing or 3D Mark Demo for Gaming Performance. Fire Strike Extreme 3D Marks detailed results are incredible to be fair. Click Show Results at the top to get a break down. That would be my recommendation really.
    6. This has brought a tear to my eye :crying: Bravo!
    7. New PC. That 1st Gen i7 will be taking a hit. A GTX 980 or Ti should also sort you out. Keep your SSD for Programs & OS. Get a Seagate Barracuda HDD as game storage ;)
    8. It's been a long time coming but I finally installed TDU2 onto windows 10. I was then bathed in it's glory for no more than 3 minutes & CRASH. No driver alert, no overheating alert.. Nada. I then proceeded to find alternatives by cleaning registry files, verifying integrity of the game files & reduced graphics settings. Finally I found that a combination of things can reduce crashes to almost zero in 3 hours of gameplay. A Xbox 360 Controller Emulator & Universal TDU2 Launcher was required to bypass Steam sync. Apparently bad controller support & steam DRM w/game overlay can severally kill your cruising experience. This does not violate Valve User Agreement or TDU (Atari) User Agreement. No files are being modified. This may of been a one off experience but if your having any issues or have been hanging back on installing the game due to lack of support then hopefully this is your answer. The servers work great! No latency issues what so ever & all TDU online features are available. Full blog with tutorial can be found HERE. Finally rampaging my way to my first million! :happyroll:
    9. This mod still active? I've been having a few complaints via TDU PP installation guide on Youtube atm. Been trying to help some of the requests but I no longer have a DVD drive to check it out. Here's the vid if you missed it:
    10. This is ironically my latest video but it captures the love I have Techland's Dying Light. The night cycle especially stands out to me as it transforms the game from survival to horror! Enjoy :) P.S. turn down your volume a smij :D Thanks for creating this post. Everyone should share their best and most memorable moments in gaming :D
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