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    PC | APEX | TDU | The Sims 4 | DOW: Soulstorm UA 1.88.61
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    Scotland, Uk
  1. My custom kitted Vauxhall Astra mk4 (G) 1.8 SXi :cool: --- Post Updated --- How many wheel controls do you want man! :lol:
  2. I very much appreciate everything you's guys have done for this IP :bow: The Alt_tab black screen could possibly be fixed by having a Borderless Fullscreen mode option in Project Paradise Launcher. How to Geek explains why this happens: Click Here. I've tested it out on windowed mode and Alt_tab does not cause any black screen issues.
  3. BAk99

    Your mailbox is full. Can you message me buddy?

    1. Very nice! :D
    2. THANK YOU! I have been trying for days to find a browser that would work :3
    3. I feel games are gonna creep up in specs soon.. Nvidia has 1060 or 1080 or whatever. Final Advisory would to hold back for something nearer a complete build time or buy a 980 ti :)
    4. Passmark for all round stress test, MAXON | Cinebench CPU Processing or 3D Mark Demo for Gaming Performance. Fire Strike Extreme 3D Marks detailed results are incredible to be fair. Click Show Results at the top to get a break down. That would be my recommendation really.
    5. This has brought a tear to my eye :crying: Bravo!
    6. New PC. That 1st Gen i7 will be taking a hit. A GTX 980 or Ti should also sort you out. Keep your SSD for Programs & OS. Get a Seagate Barracuda HDD as game storage ;)
    7. It's been a long time coming but I finally installed TDU2 onto windows 10. I was then bathed in it's glory for no more than 3 minutes & CRASH. No driver alert, no overheating alert.. Nada. I then proceeded to find alternatives by cleaning registry files, verifying integrity of the game files & reduced graphics settings. Finally I found that a combination of things can reduce crashes to almost zero in 3 hours of gameplay. A Xbox 360 Controller Emulator & Universal TDU2 Launcher was required to bypass Steam sync. Apparently bad controller support & steam DRM w/game overlay
    8. This mod still active? I've been having a few complaints via TDU PP installation guide on Youtube atm. Been trying to help some of the requests but I no longer have a DVD drive to check it out. Here's the vid if you missed it:
    9. This is ironically my latest video but it captures the love I have Techland's Dying Light. The night cycle especially stands out to me as it transforms the game from survival to horror! Enjoy :) P.S. turn down your volume a smij :D Thanks for creating this post. Everyone should share their best and most memorable moments in gaming :D
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