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Found 6 results

  1. VR Comes To DiRT Rally Since its initial release back in December 2015 DiRT Rally has astounded both fans and critics. The combination of the realism alongside the fantastic sounds and stunning graphics offers an immersive experience for players. This has resulted in a difficult-yet-addictive game, a legend up there with the likes of the original Colin McRae Rally series that preceded DiRT, and of course Richard Burns Rally. Codemasters are now taking the virtual rallying sim to the next level. As if it wasn't immersive enough already, DiRT Rally is now available for PlayStation VR. Make sure to check it out below! Welcome To Virtual Rallying Every game mode in DiRT Rally will now be available for drivers in VR, including hill-climb and rally-cross. And for the multiplayer lovers out there, you'll be glad to hear you can now test your skills as a co-driver. Co-Driver Mode allows you to deliver the pace notes on rally stages, testing your timing and accuracy, using the buttons and touchpad on a DualShock controller. One wrong call and your buddy's hitting a tree. The visuals may take a hit but the immersion players experience should compensate for that. Available Now Existing players can access the VR experience thanks to a new DLC, on the PlayStation store for £9.99. New users can purchase the DiRT Rally Plus PlayStation VR bundle as a digital download from the PlayStation Store or as a retail version from Argos.
  2. DiRT Rally PlayStation VR It’s been a bit of a fairly quiet time with info pertaining to DiRT Rally recently, but today a surprising announcement was made out of nowhere that the outstanding rally sim will be getting PlayStation VR compatibility. Announced through the official Codemasters blog, the support for PSVR will be provided by an upcoming DLC add-on and will be available from the PlayStation Store for existing owners and be included in an upgraded retailed boxed version. It won’t be a long wait for it either, as it appears Codies have been working away like busy beavers as we will be seeing it in the “coming weeks”. DiRT Rally is already seen as the ultimate rally racer and the addition of PSVR support will only raise that higher. Those players who are lucky enough to be able to have a full setup will find themselves immersed as much as is possible without being behind the wheel of an actual rally car. The PS VR functionality will give you a fully immersive off-road experience, with the upgraded game supporting every car, every route and every discipline within DiRT Rally. But wait, there’s more! Hang onto your seats baby ‘cause the update will enable an ability to have a second player to take on the role of co-driver, using the buttons and touchpad of the controller to send instructions to the driver. [gallery type=rectangular" link="file" size="seven-post-image" ids="6490,6491,6492] Nothing can go wrong there then... [via Codies blog]
  3. Better sound? That would be Grand With every new Gran Turismo there is always that inevitable wait, delay and disappointment felt due to the lack of attention in the areas that have been cried out to be improved by its community and fans. GT Sport was looking to continue this tradition on – and may still do so – but with the announcement recently that the new GT will support 4K, HDR and in a rather surprising admission, not have VR being fully-playable but instead having a ‘VR Tour’ mode, it certainly seemed to be more of the same with little attention not being paid again to those areas that need it. However off-screen videos captured at Paris Games Week and the Paris Motor Show are showing a cause for excitement as an area that has been sorely lacking for the series, sound, is showing a real sense of improvement. Gone is the super screechy tyre squealing, replaced instead with a real-world noise that is more authentic and hints to what the car is doing. And when you have reports like this by Eurogamer showing their surprise at the sound being thrown out by what they are playing, there has to be something going on that people are noticing. Engine notes are starting to properly resemble those of the real thing – the Mercedes-AMG GT S seen in the video by PlaneteGT above has that throaty angry sound that AMG Mercs are known for and the Dodge Charger shown in the video by MotoGamesTV below has a real grunt to it. It’s not perfect but it is an improvement for sure. There is still work to be done but it does suggest that the grab of the former Forza Audio technician was a damn good one, and that they are showing Polyphony Digital how to do what has been asked for so long. If Kaz and co can see just how much accurate sound means to people then there is a real hope that GT Sport, even if not a proper GT title (that will be GT7) because of its more esports focus could be the game to take the GT series out of the shadows that it is, in my opinion, now in due to titles such as Forza Motorsport, Assetto Corsa (though still needing work on the multiplayer side) and even Project CARS. Considering how long it has taken to get into and tackle this area, I guess we might see accurate damage represented in GT8 ??? GT Sport is due out in 2017 for PlayStation 4 and will be enhanced for PS4 Pro along with some doodads for PS VR.
  4. DRIVECLUB VR RELEASE The novelty can easily wear off if there is nothing much to play on your newly acquired piece of kit but it looks like PlayStation VR will not have that worry as it has been announced that DRIVECLUB VR will be a launch title. Featuring five new urban locales, which make up most of the 30 never playable before tracks, more than 80 cars, a new Tour, new modes and lots of exclusive to VR features such as the stupidly cool 'Virtual Passenger' where the player can sit in the passenger seat during replays, the simcade racer is sure to be a title that will show off the perks of VR when it releases on October 13th. With the new environments bringing the total number of track layouts to 114 there will be plenty for players to do and look at. And don’t worry normal DRIVECLUB owners as these will also be coming to your game as part of a free update. Season Pass owners continue to get great value for their money also, as those who decide to buy the game digitally will receive a small (unknown) discount on their purchase as a reward. More information on how this will work is still to come. For those who enjoy fence sitting, they will be happy to know that there will also be a free playable demo provided with the headset to help them make certain that a purchase of this game is worth their hard-earned monies. [gallery link=file" columns="2" size="small-post-image" ids="5560,5561,5562,5563,5564,5565,5566,5567]
  5. GT Sporting more of the same? The Tokyo Game Show (TGS) took place last week and Polyphony Digital was there with Gran Turismo Sport and thanks to the top gaming media site Gamersyde, we have lots of off-screen footage. With varying levels of competency on display from those sitting in front of the wheel we can see that the visuals are looking rather nice. Nothing unusual in that as this is a GT title after all. The HUD looks to have been given another couple of changes in places and not knowing the language the GUI is in, there is a part where the car you have chosen is shown from different views while technical details fade in via varying transitions too. Perhaps a way of displaying the selected vehicle's data or maybe a loading screen? Out of the videos by Gamersyde from their channel and available at their site in full-quality (and when available at 60 fps!) the following is our pick that we feel show the game off fairly well and is accompanied by – mostly – competent driving. In the above video where the player is running a race on an Oval, we see that the game appears to be running fairly smooth but that the typical GT tyre sound, collision physics and maybe even the AI keeps on with the usual. Why these areas hardly seem to get the attention the GT fan base shouts out for is a hard one to reason. Up next is a medium-speed affair around Brands Hatch GP circuit, where the driver at least appears to want to win by doing their best to race clean and keep good lines through the corners. It might just be a trick of the shadowing but at times to us it looked like some of the cars were floating, especially at the front and do not seem to have their wheels planted on the tarmac. You may not notice this however as the sun reflecting off the windows and bodywork may have temporarily blinded you. The final pick of the media on offer is an attempt at the fictional Fisherman’s Ranch rally track. Featuring plenty of bumps and sections where the rear of your car will peel out regardless of whether you meant to or not. We see our Japanese friend doing their best to keep the car pointing forward as they tackle what is looking to be a tricky course, though the flimsy looking yet impenetrable orange surrounding does seem a bit dated. With the delay to 2017 we hope PD really look at some of what the competition offer and aim to replicate it. Gamersyde offer all of the above videos and the rest of their media in full-quality downloads and when available at 60 fps too. Be sure to add them to your bookmarks if you don’t already!
  6. [headline]PlayStation Meeting[/headline] The PlayStation Meeting event is about to get underway in NYC where we are expecting to see the official reveal of the leaked PS4 Slim and our first look at the PlayStation 4K or PS4 Neo as it is also known. Rumours and info have been around a good part of the year about the upgraded PS4 but what exactly is it and how will it compare to Project Scorpio, the next piece hardware to come from the Xbox division. Mutterings of first-looks at some top titles and maybe even a new handheld or some sort of mobile tie-in have also been heard over the air but for the most part, Sony have kept what will be shown at this pretty locked down. Live stream: Twitch
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