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ENB Config Final 0.3

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About This File

ENB Config v0.3 Final



Here's my ENB Preset Config v0.3 Final. It has "only small" improvements as the Version before.



- Reflection improvements on Buldings (Windows/Glases)

- Reflection improvements on Cars

- Color improvements Night/Day

- Better Sky & Clouds (No more bloom intense Clouds)

- small light improvement in Buildings (Houses, CRC, Cardealer)



Known Bugs:

- Sometimes the game crash when you minimized it.

You can fix it. Press the buttons Alt+Enter to run the game in a window and than you can minimized it without crashing (thx Voodoo)

- in races are the Checkpoints very bloom intense

You can switch off the bloom if you want to drive a race (press Shift+Enter in the Game to open the ENB-Config GUI and search for EnableBloom)

- same thing with bloom intense on the map and on the gps in the car

- same with Paint Shop if you choose a white sticker

- Some Markers over house or Cardealer have less contrast

- When you drive in Cockpit view you can't see the bloom effect (at the most Cars)

- Shadow Bug in front of the car at Daylight

Switch on the carlights to fix this bug (Is not very helpfull i know)

VooDooShamane said:

And would suggest to anybody who had unpacked TDU2 put

\Euro\Bnk\islands\ibiza\fx\game_weathers.xmb file to

\Euro\Bnk\islands\hawai\fx\ and overwrite it.

Besides that its removing the Blue fog, it also fixes the false random yellow and red blooming wich occures sometimes in far distances.



Fixed Bugs:

- No more Lags when delete a text in the Chat or if BACKSPACE was pressed



Bug Pictures:

2t6tt1vx2tn7.jpg vu5lhj3rdmjc.jpg rfmb9mp79dod.jpg yikm5phryyv.jpg

Shadow Bug in the front of the Car

wll4xb7t5ea.jpg fljvqvn2ihy.jpg



This Config contains two folder:

- First folder (ENB Config v0.3) contains only the ENB Config v0.3

- Second folder (Modified Grass Mod) contains only the Modified Grass Mod by tomsolo (This Mod is only for the unpacked Version of the game)


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