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-=[(ELVIS)]=-: ENB-Series for TDU2 [v0.3 Final]

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Here is my first try of a new enbseries.ini and it looks now better as the pictures before :)

More Version from my config will be follow in the next weeks ;)


Here some pictures:

f7wu9lgqe9.jpg t8cb75vei6.jpg v29hhk8l36ak.jpg hxktwyoay1gk.jpg quqcdn8n8m6.jpg zqp748gwkm86.jpg mqkgioxg37gs.jpg


The Bloom effect is on some cars (Carlights) very high and on other cars not so. Thats the game. I hope that i found a good compromise!

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I was messing with this awhile back when boris first released it but just for fun, but your config is actually pretty nice for overall use! Maybe the reflections are just just a little too high on ur config, but its still very good.

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Game crashes when minimized to the taskbar :(

same here.

small workaround is Alt+Return to enable windowed mode first.


And would suggest to anybody who had unpacked TDU2 put

\Euro\Bnk\islands\ibiza\fx\game_weathers.xmb file to

\Euro\Bnk\islands\hawai\fx\ and overwrite it.

Besides that its removing the Blue fog, it also fixes the false random yellow and red blooming wich occures sometimes in far distances.

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