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  1. Hmm ok but your mod seems to use it anyway. You can see it because the level of details have a wider visibility than the original TDU. In the CommonWorld the file Library.3DD was exchanged. The mod is already very old, but it causes that you have a greater visibility. With it the level of the details can be adjusted. Unfortunately, the side effect is FPS drops because the graphics engine is overloaded with it. Here is a link to this mod. Maybe you use it but and do not know it?
  2. I have now noticed some crashes when spawning in the middle of the map, also some FPS drops. I see in the comments section that others are having these problems as well. Do you use the HD patch from "2CV Super GT" for the low and high resolution? If so, that could be causing this problem. I patched it back to normal TDU visibility on mine and the crashes and FPS drops seem to be gone. Deactivating it will of course affect your graphics mod a bit, but it still looks great. Could possibly be an option for the low resolution mod
  3. Ok that's weird now. Maybe I never noticed it before because the textures were blurry and washed out? I play at 2560x1080 4x AA + 8x SMAA and 16x AF. Have had such artifacts before when editing cars, there I could fix it on the model itself. I just added now FXAA + MFAA in the Nvidia driver and instead of SMAA I use Multisample. The image looks a bit washed out and the artifacts are only slightly reduced. Hmm....ok I would have to test on occasion times on my other PC whether that is there also so. Nevertheless, this texture mod is really stunning, it somehow makes playing TDU much more fun. And photos look 1000x better, because there are no ugly textures in the background anymore. Thanks for your quick help.
  4. Got some artifacts on the power and light poles. It always flickers white and when you get closer it gradually disappears. I'm using the low resolution texture, but it's the same with the high resolution. It's not a big glitch now, but would be nice if you could get it away? Or is it because of my nvidia settings?
    You have done a really nice job here. A few small things you would have to readjust a bit: Lighter stripes on the asphalt if possible and at the lighthouse in the northwest the parking lot should be lined with an asphalt texture. It is by far one of the best texture mods I have seen in TDU so far. Very well done.
  5. Look at your PMs please. I've written something to you, greets Mad Furby

  6. Hello. There is something that has always bothered me about TDU2. After buying a car there is no possibility to change the color to another factory color. You always have to buy the car again to choose another color. Or you can custom paint the car but it's not the same. I wonder if this feature was forgotten at the time or if they deliberately didn't include it. Is that somehow possible that you can include this feature somewhere? The same applies to the interior. Here you can also select the color only once when buying and then no longer.
  7. That sounds good and what I need. I do not like Java on my PC. That was the reason why I asked.
  8. I just see that I own the mod. I can give it to @Eudemon to upload into the database. But I'm not sure it's the latest version?!
    Beautiful, thank you. If the online server comes back sometime, I will definitely have to install it.
    Beautiful, thank you. If the online server comes back sometime, I will definitely have to install it.
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