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  1. A friend of mine, MagicV8 (https/forum.turboduck.net/members/magicv8.25504/), has changed his email address within his profile. Then he got the following message: "Your account is currently awaiting confirmation. Confirmation was sent to [email protected] Resend Confirmation Email" But he never got such an email, even when trying multiple times. Than he send a message with the only working link to your contact form, but didn't get any response. At the moment he just can login, but not writing any postings. Could you please fix this? Many thanks and greeting by him.
  2. The Range Rover looks like FH3 Model....:drool: :whistle:
  3. Hi guys i'm back with modding and i will release in the future more rims and maybe other stuff. But this need time... so stay tuned. ^^ HRE P201 added ;)
  4. Wow really nice man. Good Job.:drool: Can we expect the car sound from Jorgemodek too?
  5. Nice project... But how difficult is the Map Editor?! :hmmm: I have a early alpha Version of this tool but i never tryed it out.:para: New Buildings in some Areas would be nice or to see new Gas Stations on the Map. I wish you good luck with this project. ;)
  6. Thx for your answer. ;) Yep that was it.. :para::) I download it now over Google and check the *.rar and the files with my own Scanner but all seems fine. Maybe it's really the Hoster... :hmmm: You have done a great Job with your Mod...i think that was really hard work for you. Thank you very much for it and thx for check your files again. :)
  7. Looks nice man ;) But i get a Virus/Trojan Warning on Firefox when the Download ends. I never seen this before in Firefox...:eek: Maybe you should check your files or change the hoster.:para:
  8. Good News. I was found out the problem why Drag N Drop was not working for me. The Problem is really the UAC under Windows. But it doesn't work when you deactivat the UAC like in this picture. Because the UAC Process is still alive in the Background on Windows 10!!! But it work when you only exclude ModdingTools from UAC with the Tool "Microsoft ApplicationCompatibilityToolkit" The Complete UAC can be turned on you don't need to deactivat it, only exclude ModdingTools from UAC! Here is the link with the Tutorial how it works and there you can find also the Tool. https://www.deskmodder.de/wiki/index.php/UAC_Benutzerkontensteuerung_deaktivieren_einstellen_Windows_10 Sry it's only in german language but with tutorial pictures. I hope anybody will help this if they have the same problem like me. Now... the new Year can start for me :D So i wish you a happy New Year Guys. ;)
  9. Ok np it's your decission and i can understand this. ;) I tryed something other today but nothing worked so it seems i will now finaly quit modding for me. :sulk: I will only still replace some cars in the future and that's all. But thx for trying help me Djey.
  10. My Game locations are always on a other partition. I never install games to the location where the OS is installed. So you mean i should install the game on the OS partion? :hmmh: Sry i try to understand you but my english is sometimes not the best:o:D
  11. Thx for the answer but it didn't work. I tryed to start the explorer as admin and i disabled the UAC but nothing....:para::oreact::sadeyes: awww....this stupid windows 10...everyday an other problem:fuming:
  12. Hey Djey I have a problem with ModdingTools on Windows 10. I can't drag and drop files from the explorer/desktop to the BNK File Manager. I can only replace single files with the replace button. Is this a known issue or i'm the only? :mhmm: Btw. The problem exists on 1.16.3 too.:cry:
  13. You made a nice Project Milli...Thx for that ;) :cool:
  14. Wow kids explore "now" the 10 years old TDU1....:eek::oook::clap::jealous: But sry bro there is no option to ban someone in your session :( The only thing what you can do is to isolate your session or press pause when you see the guy is crashing you. Or you create a new profile with a other name. Developer of such games was never thinking about ban options. The last good example is The Crew same problem there.:fp::cry:
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