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TDU2 Passenger/Licence Glitch

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Greetings All,


Here's the story. For whatever reason, I never played TDU2 until a couple of months ago. After struggling for weeks on end trying to get the cars drive-able, I eventually succeeded(Xbox360 Controller + XPadder with all sensitivity set to lowest 🤓). I got very far(most of the competition races done etc.) before I went on this modding rampage as per this site's guide. I succeeded without too much hassle. The mods really opened the game up and I was a bit disappointed that I'd already basically finished the vanilla version of the game. I decided to restart with a new profile.


So I've been playing for a few days now and have reached Hawaii with my new profile. Here's where the frustration started. I did the first 3 A5 licenses without any problems at all in the Audi. When the 4th test loaded I noticed a Pink Porsche, this was new🤨, pretty sure I'd remember something like that! Having done the licenses in the vanilla version. Also, I hate Porsches; they're just turbo VW Beetles with fat tyres...


So, now, where I became stuck. The aforementioned "lady bug" <blegh> refused to move at all, as if the front wheels were super-glued to the tarmac. The back wheels would spin in any direction but the car just wouldn't budge. I figured that the car mod must have been buggy so I decided to test that theory by going to the dealership and test driving the same scrap heap there. In the test drive the car worked normally so that blew that theory out of the water🤔. After restarting etc. I went back to the Racing School and the same thing happened on test 4, car wouldn't budge. I decided to skip that test and try number 5. The Lady Bug suddenly became weightless, floating in mid-air. It was here that I changed the camera and saw what the issue actually is... The passenger(instructor) is upside-down and sticking out of the bottom of the car🤣 so either the car balances on his head and floats or the dude has his head buried in tarmac, causing the car to become stuck. It's kinda funny but I can't carry on playing without the licenses😕.


My thoughts were to restore whatever vehicle is supposed to be there instead of the darn lady bug, I just have no idea how to. On that note, I'd also like to have the original F40 back too, it's my favourite car of all time and the mod replaced it. Any help or other suggestions would be highly appreciated!



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