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  1. On the PC, my controls for TDU replicate the Xbox release. How can I make it so I can use the map with my controller without any controls interfering with any other? What I'm saying is, how can I make it so I can browse icons with the d-pad, zoom in/out using the triggers, and move the cursor with the left analog stick?
    I love this mod, but how do I upload these files? Will they replace any default radio stations?
  2. How can I assign rotating the driving camera to the right thumbstick on my Xbox controller?
  3. I was easily able to get an XB1 controller working with TDU; I based them on the original X360 control scheme. How can I assign the right analog stick for camera rotation while driving?
  4. Hello, aren't I able to use an Xbox One controller on Test Drive Unlimited? How can I map the controls when I don't get any movement?
  5. In Test Drive Unlimited 1, how can I assign the camera rotation to the right analog stick on my controller? In addition, the ESC key pauses the game, and the start button on my controller brings up the menu that lets me choose to quit the game. How can I assign both pause options the other way around?
  6. I know a site called Driver's Paradise. Here, they have mod cars for TDU, but claim that the cars replace others such as this: a Hummer H1 Alpha replaces the Chrysler Crossfire. I don't fully trust the site for modding TDU Platinum further.
  7. I already know how to make my own menu music for TDU Platinum, but what if I would like to change the music to the pre-race menu, where you can change your car before you begin and stuff like that? It's probably under Euro in the game's folder, but what's it called?
  8. I hear that one can add up to ten of their own vehicles to TDU: P. How does one do it, and where can they find cars to add?
  9. With your Megapack thing, I recently reinstalled the game and got some cars from my previous save back.

    Some of the others are that maroon/yellow placeholder that looks like an Audi.

    I originally used a key someone bought back in the day.

    How can I obtain the rest of the Megapack's cars?

    1. Nick1999


      SORRY for a late reply.

      I dunno what you mean by that. Please define it more.

      The patch itself is official. It works for me all the time

  10. How can I import my own vehicles into TDU Platinum? One such car would be the Cadillac Cien.
  11. Where can you download separate cars for TDU Platinum? How can you put them in the game? And do they replace models of that placeholder car that looks like an Audi sedan?
  12. Can someone please remind me how you map the camera that you can rotate as you drive? Let's say someone wants to program it to the right analog stick (I use a PS3 controller).
  13. With TDU Platinum, sometimes there is an instance where the game steadily lags and soon freezes. On the road, cop cars sometimes appear invisible, leaving just their shadow. Any known patches for these?
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