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    Stu's FH3

    Glad we can all agree on the looks of that particular car :lol: Thanks for the positive comments :btup I promise to take a break from shooting Porsches after these :p
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    Just to add some more to this , but do you remember when Eden Games changed their site header to that Lamborghini on some tropical road back in 2009? Probably not but I do, and it actually came to my mind when I saw the end of year tweet by TheCrewGame too. Could this be them hinting by a means they've used before? I know they must get tired of the constant TDU/2 and Eden references but it seems a bit coincidental no? :umm: tl;dr Lamborghini = sequel :nuts:
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    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    THat's a nice looking hayabusa
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    Loek's FH3 pictures

    We should totally organize a BM expedition in those arctic truck toyotas :D
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    Loek's FH3 pictures

    Thanks Mau, I tend to like it, but I might find another livery sooner or later. Anyway, Hotwheelz! [ATTACH]28910[/ATTACH] I decided to get the obligatory "regular" cars first on the normal map. The Charger E49 R/T Chrysler thing is very meh. Totally not my type of car. [ATTACH]28911[/ATTACH] This Jeep Trailcat though, that one begs for a nice upgrade package to have loads of fun in. [ATTACH]28912[/ATTACH] I don't like this Zonda R. There, I said it. It's just not fun to drive, and I also already had a go at it on the HW Tracks. And I still don't like it. [ATTACH]28913[/ATTACH] The Zenvo, which didn't catch fire yet. Immeadiate love/hate relationship with this car: it's fast, it looks menacing, and I still am meh towards it. Need to drive it more often, though. [ATTACH]28914[/ATTACH] Although it needed some upgrades and some finetuning, especially the gears: this one I was expecting to be loads of fun. Expect a photoshoot on Blizzard one day, as it's an Arctic Truck (that's not a promise because I will probably fail to keep it). Anyway, time to head into the World of Hotwheels. [ATTACH]28915[/ATTACH] Le low front endz on le Bone Shaker the first car which you will drive. Mmmmh, I don't like it, but Hotwheels. Yo. [ATTACH]28916[/ATTACH] Ermagherd it's a ruined Mustang and a Dinosaur... [ATTACH]28917[/ATTACH] Well, ruined. The sound is nice. And it's sorta nice to drive. [ATTACH]28918[/ATTACH] A Mini Cooper. And a nice overview of the new HW world. [ATTACH]28919[/ATTACH] A stationary Jag in the city. Hmm :P
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    Entry Post: [ATTACH]28909[/ATTACH] I just had to include Hot Wheels' Thrill City into here :) They call it a city and my car is not moving. Although to be honest, my original approach to the theme would be different.
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    Yessss. I have faith. No always online is a good start, and fences are nice also.
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    Nice one D, never would have remembered that one :hmmm: Let's just hope that this time, if/when they do a sequel, the game will actually be better than the first one :p
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    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

    There is a new 'Various' prefix available for use now in the Media forum, for those of you who do want to share your stuff but don't want to separate it.
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    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<ENTRy POST>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> [ATTACH]28903[/ATTACH]
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    I've ran out of blinker fluid. Otherwise the hazzards would be on. :lol:
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    Going for the classic 'I have broken down' look I see. :cheeky: j/k
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