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  1. I can not get this camera Hack working on the latest version of the TDU World mod. Is it working with this version or no?
  2. @Milli I upgraded my Subaru BRZ to the Rocketbunny version, and it seems that the windows are super reflective, makes it impossible for me to see out of the back, sides and the top visor decal of the front windshield. I know you said a lot of issues are down to the original modders who exported them, but do you know if this is just a bug or is this something that could possibly be fixed in a patch? I can kind of "fix" it by rolling down the windows, but that still leaves me unable to view out of my rear window. Also, the front looks fine other than the top part, so it is actually usable but the rest of the windows are impossible to see through. So whatever material setting the front window has maybe should be able to be used on the others to view outside I would imagine?
  3. I use the Hawaiian Bliss v4.0 mod which adds HD textures from TDU2, as well as adds a day and night cycle. You might need to adjust your gama though when it is night so you can be sure to see everything as it does make it quite dark. It works perfectly on top of this mod.
  4. Haha you cant be serious? How do you expect her to have a list of all of the car locations? It would take up the full page. Just do like the rest of us are and enjoy the hunt. It is much better that way and gives you a sense of accomplishment. Also, many of the cars have to be found by going to the tuner shops as well.
  5. Ah no problem! That is what is great about this community, we always help each other out. Yeah down to cruise whenever man!
  6. Wow, well then that explains the issue a person was having last night in the session I was in. I tried to help them go through the motions to try and run the game with elevated permissions and set process priority to high. They had a pretty modern I7 4700K as well as GTX1080. Thus far, I haven't run into any issues with my basic system which is running an FX8350 4ghz 8 core, RX570 and 16GB of GSKILL ram.
  7. Ah thanks! I was thinking since it was such an early game, the FFB was most likely for just wheels that had it and possibly it was D-input only. Never thought it might be possible to use it on controllers if only meant for older D-input wheels. Thanks for the idea! I will have to give this a try.
  8. Yeah sorry, I guess I meant rumble. It is the same thing really in techno-jargon I thought.
  9. I am sure people have discussed this before, but is there any way to get force feedback working with the 360 or Xbox One controller? Better yet, is there no mod to map the controls 100% the same as in the Xbox 360 release? I wonder if the control inputs could be modded in from the console release? It always irked me how this amazing game, which seems to have a force feedback setting, never natively works with Xbox controllers by default. Also the controls can never be 100% exactly mapped as they are on the console release.
  10. Wow, just gave it a try and got it working right away! I was able to win the first race and I saw people online! Super beautiful version of the game! It will be really hard to improve upon it further! The new textures are beautiful! I especially loved the Retro Wave radio station! Some classics on there I haven't listened to for a while like Tesla Boy and Kavinsky!
  11. You have to release the controls after you press A. So once you go to change an input, it will tell you to release all axis. Release them then try pressing it.
  12. Yeah seriously thanks a TON Milli, I can't express how grateful I am to see old familiar faces here still keeping this series alive! Now, if I could just get the game to work correctly! It was working up until a few weeks back and I couldn't get that first race working to proceed online, then added some files somebody suggested to add online and not working. Oh well it is worth a full reinstall for this now. Oh and also, about ENBSeries, you can use an injector to get it working but it is a PITA. I did that to get ReShade working. It just maybe isn't super easy for most end users to get to working. I might adapt as tutorial I found online for another game to make it work for this game and the Paradise launcher.
  13. View File bmcf1lm: DeLorean DMC-12 DMC Delorean Vehicle replaced: Mustang GT Converter/Creator: bmcf1lm Credits: 3D Model, Wheels & Interior -Turn10 Sound mod by Audrey8 !!Please make sure to backup your original files before installing this mod and read the included README file!! Mod History v0.1 mod released (1/6/2014) Terms of use: ------------ - The models, skins and other files are for private use only - Commercial use of this modification is strictly prohibited - All Registered Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respective owners Optional Terms of use (delete or leave what you wish) ------------------ - If you wish to edit this modification please contact me via pm: bmcf1lm - You are allowed to edit this modification and it's contents for your own private use Submitter Anthony817 Submitted 04/20/2019 Category Vehicle
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