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  1. TeamVVV has released some nice gameplay videos with audio! There's also a triple screen wheel setup on the second video! :D
  2. I don't really know if my hype level can get higher than this. :D They have been demoing the game at their E3 booth with a wheel setup! Here's some pictures from the Facebook page (I reuploaded to imgur):
  3. I cannot be too hyped about this game yet because the handling looks arcadey and wheel support is very unlikely. But anyway, for everyone who is worrying about the lack of cockpit view, you can stop. The cockpit view can be clearly spotted on the commented walkthrough at about 2:15 when "Fergus" switches through the views. :D
  4. Well, as I am sure you know, this isn't the final version of the Physics.cpr file. This was more sort of a demonstration what's possible and like I said in my thread (Wanted: Testers..), there isn't that much to be done with the Physics.cpr file. We are currently messing with the database files and that's where the real grip, downforce etc. values are stored. Most of the parameters in Physics.cpr file are old leftovers, because Eden decided to move most of the parameters somewhere else. Thanks for the critique and I am sure I'll implement your suggestions on the next file, when I get working on it. :) And just to be sure, were you using the latest file Speeder uploaded? The one that was included in the patch wasn't the right file.
  5. Nice work on Community Patch, count on me if you need a tester for the new Physics.cpr!

  6. Yes, if you use the default launcher (UpLauncher) the game detects the modified file and downloads the original one to replace the modified file.
  7. Yeah, they only work in a tight interval. :( And yes, the realistic model might be slower or at least the brakes will be worse, because then they will be more realistic. It's also possible to similarly disable TC and ABS in the Physics.cpr file just by putting the "activation" value to something like "900" so the car will never reach that speed and they will never activate, I have tested this. I am currently trying some values with gravity and I also reduced the annoying "steering angle limiter" which limits the angle of your turning the faster you go. Would be nice if you could contact me about the options that are possible with .exe patching, so that I could try some of those. :)
  8. I have been very busy, so I am sorry that I haven't been able to send any PM's (containing the info) recently. I think I can get all those sent this evening or if not, tomorrow. :)
  9. Your inbox is full so I can't send you a PM containing the info. Would you mind emptying it? :)
  10. About the TDU2 physics testing.. Your inbox is full so I can't send you the PM containing the info. :D

  11. I'll send a PM for all the testers containing additional info. Well, install it then! :)
  12. The version doesn't matter, this works perfectly online & offline and there is no need to unpack your game. Custom launcher must be used, because otherwise it would replace the modified file with the original. You can find the Physics.cpr file in the root of your TDU2 directory. Hope this answers all the questions! :)
  13. Hello everyone, As you may have spotted from the Community Patch thread, I am working on the patch with Speeder. Now, I need your help. I am currently modifying the Physics.cpr file and I need some testers. I need opinions, information and results. Things I have fixed/improved with the Physics.cpr file: Fixed the locking brakes Reduced the braking power (so it's not like you "hit a wall" when braking) Found the possibility to remove the ABS completely (if someone wants to experience the older cars properly etc.) Improved the handbrake Messed with the traction control parameters (it's possible to make the handling more realistic and reduce the amount of sudden spins etc.) Messed with the gravity values to decrease the "moon gravity" effect Removed/reduced some "Steering help" parameters It can also be possible to mess with the force feedback values in another file but I haven't looked at that yet. Preparing for the testing is easy, the version of your game doesn't matter, this works perfectly online & offline and there is no need to unpack your game. Custom launcher must be used, because otherwise it would replace the modified file with the original. The file you must replace (Physics.cpr) is located in the root of your TDU2 directory. If someone wants to test some of these changes and help me improve them and make some new ones, raise your hand! ;)
  14. Yup, and if I may explain this more thoroughly, the ID we are looking for is "ProductGUID". You can download x360ce from here: http://code.google.com/p/x360ce/downloads/list. Then you must connect your unsupported wheel/device and run the "x360ce.exe". Look for a tab with your device's name on it and click that. From there you can find the ID we need. The ID should look similar to this: "ca03046d-0000-0000-0000-504944564944" That's the ID of my Logitech Momo Racing (black), which isn't supported in TDU2 by default (it works now ;)). And if you are wondering, the older Logitech Momo Force (red) wheel is supported by default, but not this newer, black one, so we had to make the modifications. When you have found the ID, you can PM it to me or Speeder and we will try to make it compatible with TDU2. :)
  15. Count me in too! I have a boxed copy of NFS 3 Hot Pursuit, would be nice to play it again. :) *Hometown track music* Edit: For PC of course! ;)
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