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  1. I recommend the TDU F, is easu to use and no crash
  2. Superb Job. The traffic looks very realistic now. Thanks!
  3. I make this and TDU PE Still not working. ¿Some solution?
  4. 11 years playing with tdu, and now I start a new game, because this mod it's absolutely amazing. I love the little details, like for example the songs in the radio from NFS:HP2, and the correct name of the colors and cars. It's a mod created from the love by the cars. Congrats! For other way, years ago i was modified the file achievements for the people like me that they dont like or they cant play with online, and they still want to arrive at the 100%. If you want, i can upload the modified archive. Thanks to all modders for years of job and joy
  5. Hi! I restart my computer and I reinstall the TDU, and I need a program like TDUDEC, for encrypt / decrypt the database files. I remember that Dredgy does the TDU UT, but I can't find Thanks, and sorry for my english
  6. I could change the points, modifying the database! thanks all! --- Post Updated --- Thanks, but finally I found the system for change the database, and change the rewards.
  7. Hi! This is my problem. I can´t arrived at 100% level offline, and you know, the servers are down. Any solution? I think...it's possible change the reward points? for example: If you bought 3 Ferrari, you recieved 20 points, change this 20 by 40... Sorry for my english Thanks!
  8. someone have this car for reupload?
  9. I can´t open the tdu_rims.db file with any program Any solution for my trouble? Thanks!
  10. I have the same problem, two days without online, and the official web won't load...very bad...
  11. can someone please make an california license plate with The Modeler? Thanks!
  12. r11furia


    Hi! I'm Miquel Angel, I Have 23 years old and I from Barcelona. I'm glad to part to thid forum! See in the isalnd! And sorry for my poor english!!!
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