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  1. You have updated to 1.12? And try to pick a 911 from same generation of 911 GT2 RS, which is a (991.2).
  2. What is this? iS zOqQUer BAcK? Lol Nice work man.
  3. Your profile is from the main game? Or you've only experienced this issue as soon as you installed Platinum mod? @PYTERODACTYL
  4. Milli

    Golf 7R

    Well, olders ones doesn't... but the mods we're getting now... modders don't really care about making them light at all. Lol And the Golf 7 R, which is a Rulezzz one, might require it.
  5. Milli

    Golf 7R

    Enable big.bnk in project paradise launcher. Most mods require it.
  6. Because Taurus is a more common choice, and it is already made. Zoqqer is making those cars from scratch, not using models from somewhere else.
  7. The fog happens only for a short period of time. If you are experiencing it everytime you start the game, i suggest you to get the update 1.12, because i changed the order of the wheather.
  8. The solution is to use the 4gb executable, provided in the update patch, inside the folder Extra.
  9. Decrypting the file. But why you want to know?
  10. That is the field where the game actually reads a car swap. Like in original TDU, the Mustang turned into a Saleen S291. Change to traffic works as a null value, so, car remains the same. Edit: so yes. If you create a new upgrade pack for a car, and you don't want to transform it, you should use the traffic car there.
  11. You just started your real TDU life. Lol, like, literally.
  12. It is not required. The 1.12 has all the previous updates in it. And the same will happen to 1.13.
  13. TDU PE changes the number of "itens" in CarPhysicsData.db. You need to fix it manually. Extract the CarPhysicsData.db located inside the DB.bnk, using TDU MT. Decrypt with TDU UT, revert the number back to original platinum value. Encrypt with TDU UT and replace it inside the DB.bnk.
  14. Possible. But i don't know for sure. Which race is it?
  15. It's our pleasure! And sorry, but i don't know about the mouse problem. Maybe it's down to mouse drivers or assign it in the game menus? That seems like missing "Area" folders. But i don't know, never seen such issue. Sorry, but the Murcielago Roadster is not comming back. Original TDU model was horrible made, and with the modded Murcielago Coupe, that difference would be even more visible.
  16. Drive all the roads and you may find the missing ones. Sorry but no.
  17. Have you enabled bigbnk in the launcher? Some cars have what we call "overdrive gear". They're meant to save fuel, instead of going fast. It's common in modern vehicles that have 7 and 8 gears, and usually american cars. A real Corvette Z06 hits 200mph in 5th, as soon as you shift to 6th, it will lose speed. About tuning, changing the 0-60 time in TDUF, at the tuning part won't make any difference, but give you a placebo effect. Those values are not related to actual tuning and are there just to fill the "Data" sheetboard of the game. What would really increase the vehicle acceleration in tuning is the Aftermarket Packs, where you increase the % of the vehicle physics data. So, if a car has an acceleration value of 80, and the aftermarket pack says the acceleration is 4, it will increase 4% of 80. regardless of the value set in 0-60.
  18. 1.12 is up! But since it's a small update over 1.11, i've added an extra file for those who already got the 1.11 and want to update it to 1.12.
  19. Version 1.12


    This file is meant for those who already updated their TDU Platinum to 1.11, and want to update to 1.12 without downloading a load of unnecessary files. If you haven't updated to 1.11 yet, fear not and just download the update at the official update page.
  20. The 2 big files are automatically extracted when you extract the small one. If it doesn't work still, try to re-download. Edit: If the extracted folder from the smaller zip is 268mb of size, it worked. That's the whole size of the update.
  21. Update 1.11 is live. This time though, download all 3 files, as the update is large and had to be split. Lol
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