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  1. Ah yes, i misread it. And yeah, Shingeki is great, i can't wait for season 4... but how long will that take? Lol And physical manga of which one? Shingeki or Evangelion? On topic though: Found out that the real ending of the anime series is a movie named "The End of Evangelion". Seen it, and one word... disappointment. Lol
  2. There is one that is meant to be 2020... i don't really want to keep on waiting something else. Shingeki no Kyojin is enough of a wait for me. Why didn't you end it though? It's quite short.
  3. So, just watched the season 1, from 1997. I heard and it seems really plausible, that the last 2 episodes of the anime are fillers and not really the end of it at all. What i should watch next in order to connect the dots, because so far, it just left me with a bunch of questions. Lol
  4. Guys, been working on a modding guide, and i would appreciate a feedback on the layout. Bigger font? More contrast? What you guys think?
  5. Remove any compability modes that may be in the .exe files.
  6. Re-download v1.08. I guess you shouldn't have that problem anymore.
  7. TDU Modding Tools won't work with PS2 files.
  8. Didn't notice anything wrong with it. Can you record it?
  9. v1.08 of the update is out. Brings small changes: - Replaced the sound of Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren and Audi R8 V10 Plus - Reworked the physics of BMW 850csi.
  10. First, that is not a problem. A blue sky, cloudless day at midday will work like that. Sunlight is showing up, but it is basically straight up above, as it usually happens in tropical countries. Second, the weather changes, just not as fast as modern games, and the weather change speed is locked to the server, so it might take you some hours of gameplay to actually notice a real change. And third, yes there is. Edit the weather files. I don't recommend, but if you do, do it at your own risk.
  11. You're going to American Today Parts Shop... try to find US Muscle Tuner shop. TDU has a limit of 8 brands per tune shop, so, you can't have all american brands in only one.
  12. His name was given by original TDU devs, so was his "behaviour trait". All i did was tell the bots to hit 100% of the gas when accelerating and to take corners at a speed value of 1,05 i believe, before this value were like, 0,85 or such. Also, watch out for Douglas, he drives a F1 LM, he's also quick. Lol
  13. Because your bigbnk is not active or working. Do a trouble shoot and check these things: - Run the game as admin through Project Paradise Laucher.exe - Mark check the Bigbnk box - If still not running, check if d3d9.dll is still in the main game folder. If not, add it. - Remove any compability mode that any .exe of the game might have, like, Windows 7 compability mode if you're on Windows 10.
  14. Teslas can't be tuned. TDU has a limit of 8 brands per tuner shop. Sadly, not all brands can be tuned.
  15. Nah, you actually need to drive through all car dealers before it opens the bike ones.
  16. Chrysler Dealer. Where you buy a 300C. A Jeep Cherokee. It also has a Dodge Ram and a Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker. Near Classic Porsche dealer.
  17. Have you tried the Challenger from the Chrysler Group dealership? The non-SRT one?
  18. This. And if you wonder why, take a read about how the Edonis was actually made in real life. In Platinum you don't need the tools to find any car, they are all available in the game.
  19. No, but you need to mark check the GameSpy login, then you proceed to add any email and any password.
  20. There is not a fix, and that happens because traffic cars shed their invisible bits on the road. If the road is bumpy, avoid driving behind them might solve your problem.
  21. Wait the E30 to be available with the correct set of wheels you want. TDU never allowed rim painting. Different color on rims actually mean a totally different rim for the game. Keep checking it out.
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