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  1. Traffic sometimes get damaged by TDU low polygon roads, leaving their bits on the road, sometimes invisible, so, if you drive behind them, they might damage your car. I recommend that in bumpy sections, drive on the shoulder. Or in the wrong lane.
  2. It's mostly because the .exe can't handle more than 1gb of ram usage, with the 4gb executables, they can handle up to 4gb. Some mods, for some reason, are not well adapated for the game, and require more ram. Mostly Miha's mods.
  3. Wrong order, but yeah, for example, 911 Turbo (993) into RUF CTR2.
  4. This is TDU1, not TDU2. But i don't know, never seen anyone with TDU1 on steam.
  5. Try to use a VPN to get past that first connection. I assume you are creating a new profile, right? Once you complete the first tasks in game, you won't need VPN to connect again.
  6. 2000 of grip is a lot, but yeah, a 1000hp Dodge Viper won't have grip with street tires if you mash the throttle. You either gotta control your throttle input or active electronic aids (TCS). It's supposed to behave like that. It's supposed to be hard to drive without aids. Lol If it's too easy, it will be too much OP, as it's really cheaper than hypercars that have same amount of power. It has it's downside.
  7. Issue 1: Nothing can really be done about that. TDU bug, that's how the game has been coded. To make it work properlly, i need to make a new entry on the database, as a new car, same issue with the car classes not changing when upgrading. Issue 2: It's a 1000hp Dodge Viper. It still has the same grip levels as the normal Viper. Also, define unsteerable, because i can drive it just fine. Could you make a video?
  8. That is not a problem of the game. If you use 6th at 60mph, you'll be able to accelerate. It is a matter of how the car was made. It's top speed is on 5th. When you're racing, you should not use 6th. And what you should do is get a closer to 5th gear ratio, and recalculate the 6th theorical top speed, reduce 10% of such result and set this value as top speed.
  9. No. Yes. TDU takes a while to connect, so you must wait for a while. Although, you may not be able to join a session for different reasons. Session could be full (max 8 players), session could be broken, which requires players to remap, session could be isolated, or you just can't stabilish a good connection with the players.
  10. TDU Platinum doesn't tune motorbikes anymore. Also, try to press F8 in-game. It toggles the avatar on/off.
  11. That's just the missing library. The game still works, but the name is missing. Later i send you.
  12. Thanks! Eventually i sure will! (You already did, with the stream and this .2db limit.)
  13. The fuel mod is part of the Project Paradise, i don't know how to help, as i don't use fuel mod myself. In general, how fast it can corner, but the handling bar is a bit iffy, as the value displayed is just a value that you can set. But it's not easy-hard, that's for sure... Neither do i. I can't really help much if you start to modify the game. Many things can cause TDU to crash out, so it is hard to pin point exactly what could it be.
  14. Different rims have no performance change at all. They're just visual. And tuning in Platinum works this way, some cars have 1-step tuning, and some have 2-step. What that means? 1-step tuning : Regular tuning level, stage 1, 2 and 3, like for example, Ferrari F355. It has a 1-step tuning. 2-step tuning: It's when there is a model change, body change, version change or class change. Sometimes even roof on-off (Honda S2000), is classified as a 2-step. It works this way, first you choose the model/body/version you want (Usually stage 1), and then you can re-tune it, to stage 3. To notice a 2-step tuning, just notice the car flick when you change between tuning stages in the tuning shop. If the car disappears, and appears again, it means something is changed, even though the outside might be similar. Sometimes it's an engine swap, sometimes it's a small detail... But appart from those specific 2-step tuning, get stage 1, 2 and then 3 makes no difference at all. You can usually jump straight to 3, unless it's a 2-step tuning kit. Confusing, yes, but that's the way i found to have more variety without overload the database. Lol
  15. No, that's actually not well known, apparently. And apparently not all modders know how to do it. That's something i sure will have to learn, if i want my Esprit to be in a good enough quality for me. Lol
  16. That was a feature TDU used for G class cars, i tried to keep it that way. Their availability changes from car to car, according to their rarity. 1 being always available. DB4 Zagato, which is very rare, has a rarity of 0.2. But a Mitsubishi Starion, has a rarity of 0.8. So you're more likely to find a Starion available more often. As Djey said, their location doesn't change at all, just the availability, and when a car pops available, it will have a random spec assigned for that car, so, rims and colors might be different than you expected. Regarding to colors, you can always use the 3 factory paint shop across the map, one in the city, one near Triumph bike dealer and another near Saleen-Hennessey-Shelby dealer. But the rims, you need to wait it to be available with a set of rims you like. Lol
  17. Lol, happens. Although where i am at with my Lotus is way behind. Although, something i saw you doing got me curious, you added a .2db inside the bnk? I mean, this probably will sound really amateur to you, but the Esprit doesn't have many .2db itself, and as far as i know, we're limited to the amount of .2db of the donor car.
  18. For those who missed, the video is still up, so you guys can still watch.
  19. Typing with my feet, because hands are busy giving a round of applause. lol
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