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  1. My GPU is weak sadly plus TDU's engine is not very efficient, especially with ATI/AMD, will be a stuttering or low quality video if i do it. Don't think i didn't try :duck: Someone make a video tonight for our viewers please! :p:cool:
  2. Thanks allot man, the one looking back is imo epic indeed. And i love Gas-station photo's they give a certain feeling :D
  3. Hey man, you're welcome. Yea some cars are waaaay too grippy, some are close to the max. potential TDU offers already. But hmm, these cars -except the Noble- are even more tailhappy, imo it's got a little easier to drift too, because the cars won't go trough a corner so fast anymore thus you have little bit more time to react to the slide/drift, plus the cars stay easier in it's drift. Drifting a car with allot HP (power on demand) is in general easier especially in a game where you have no fear. I agree some cars feel way to bouncy, but i think that has the do with the road not being smooth at all. A true racing car is very bouncy also, and that will feel so bad on the mountain roads,with the hairpins having jacked/squared road surface for instance.. I would love to try that BMW, but ATM i don't have 1.68b installed. I will not install any other mod until we're out of beta i think. Lean already said he thinks the server don't like modding. I've downloaded it though, i might install an extra TDU game for offline testing. Thank you for commenting, please tell me how that Noble handles on a keyboard, i don't even know if TDU likes it with a keyboard ;) (the physics mods that is)
  4. Yes i'm sorry it was yesterday, great cruise!! You'll get another chance today, i recon:rolleyes:
  5. And more ........ :D [ATTACH]21622[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]21623[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]21624[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]21625[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]21626[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]21627[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]21628[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]21629[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]21630[/ATTACH]
  6. Small preface and info: I've been playing TDU for years now, with many different wheels, just before the server went down i bought a t500 and found out the wheel was too strong for the game, i played few other racing to find that out, basically there is too much grip in TDU and the steering model aint perfect. Even in HC.. So i started playing with TDUPE to make it more realistic and less grippy. Really right before the server went down i found this all out and had some cars "realistic" modded.. When the server went down, i was pretty much the only guy who sometimes still played TDU :duck: Because it was a complete different game with these physics mods. Well now we're 2 years further in time and i (think:nuts:) have perfected the art of physics modding:D -or at least in TDU, with TDUPE and as close to reality as possible with TDUPE with some compromises here and there- Recently i bought a new PC and lost most of my mods by a failing HDD, hence the new PC.. (it was the motherboard:ill:) So i had to start over again when i knew for sure the server was going back online, so for now i have only 3 physics models. It takes a lot of time fine-tuning, with 2 of these cars i'm still not 100% happy:cool: I have some steering wheel settings for DFGT-G25-G27-T500 i want to share too, because they are important to make you feel what i feel. For instance Logitech's default FFB setting has fake emulation, you have to change it to feel the real TDU FFB! Another thing is, i haven't had good experiences with .tdupk files so i'll post both the .tdupk files and photos from my settings in TDUPE, again because i want to make you feel what i feel. (sound dirty no? well when you drive these cars, you'll get yourself dirty anyway:cheeky:) The things that's changed/more realistic: Slower 0 - 100KM/h times, you'll have to be perfect on the throttle and clutch to get a good time. Slower 0 - VMAX, because of the added weight and drag, it's allot slower to its top, especially the end bit is cool. Longer brake distances, again because of the added weight, you really feel you are stopping a car, not a toy. Little bit less crazy jumping, especially with little bumps the car stays firmer to the ground. More realistic and smoother steering feel. (at least with the wheel settings down below) More sliding and slithering about, you can't take the outside corner so easy anymore, APEX FTW! Lines m8, you're lines:happyroll: And more, ask me if you want to know something specific. Well here goes: RUF CTR (Yellowbird) Tuned ~800BHP -400KM/H car- (on the rt12) Ruf CTR.rar Ruf CTR photo's.rar Ford Mustang GTR concept Tuned ~600HP (my favorite, truly feels likes an real car at points) FORD Mustang GT-R Concept.rar Ford GTR photo's.rar Noble M400 - True to life physics NOBLE M400 .rar Noble M400 photo's.rar Wheel settings T500RS Play with the Constant (2nd) setting, if you feel it too strong or weak, leave the general FFB (1st) setting always on 56% (in any game btw) You can also play with the Damping (5th) setting, personally i don't like it. [ATTACH]21615[/ATTACH] Wheel settings DFGT/G25/G27 [ATTACH]21616[/ATTACH] (couldn't find a decent photo, my other wheels are in bits:eek:, use 900 degrees) For the best experience on all wheels you can use 720-900 degrees. TDU in-game wheel settings [ATTACH]21617[/ATTACH] This is my first physics mods post, please let me know what you think and or if something goes wrong:nods: P.S Good luck keyboard drivers.... and don't forget to back up:p
  7. Awesome cruises guys, thanks! Hope we all get together soon, damn we missed this :D [ATTACH]21589[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]21591[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]21594[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]21595[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]21596[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]21597[/ATTACH]
  8. What a sound, it's perfect to me now, so dont change anything:lol:
  9. That Koenigsegg sound is amazing, it's very realistic. Im surprised u forgot about it :D Maybe the turbo sound needs some work, that is the only thing wich is not 100% to the real thing. Well u know me, im not an audio fan, i can't hear the differences like u do, so im already happy with this sound and its already 100 x beter then standard tdu sound. I'll go and play with it for a while, need to learn heel and toe with Koenigsegg anyway, ill keep u posted. Thx for the sound!!
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