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  1. Thanks man! Awesome! :) Can't wait for the 2015 R8 as well :D
  2. Hi binbow! :) I have installed the UP 0.4 and Dreampack v1.3.1, then if I click restored, does it mean it will restored the database to the stage before I install UP and Dreampack or is it just restored the database to the point that I use TDU2VPE to edit cars and still keep all the contents and bug fixes of UP and Dreampack? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi tototo! :) Any chance to release this beauty (Widebody Mercedes CLS)? I just love it so much! Thank you! :)
  4. Nice work, thank you! :) Btw, do you have any plan for the Porsche 911 Turbo [997]? That would be awesome! :)
  5. Hi TDUZoqqer! Very nice mod! :) I have sent you an email! Please check it out, thanks a lot bro! :)
  6. Excellent work! Thank you! :) I love this car a lot! Hope there will be Z06 version soon :D
  7. Great job you have done here TDUZoqqer! :) I will be even happier if there is a Spider version of these two cars. Anyway, thanks a lot!
  8. Yes, I agree :D Since we already have an regular Agera mod, I think it is better to have the actual Agera R rather than just an Agera with R's wing :) Also, the details between these 2 cars are not so far from each other :D
  9. Absolutely beautiful! :clap: Look at this mod and I definitely think the Huracan and Veneno should come next after the BMW. It just so epic these Lamborghini! Thanks! :)
  10. And after the CCX maybe it's time for the Veneno, which is quite awesome in my opinion ;)
  11. Glad to hear that you're still here! :) Can't wait to see your M5 and especially, the Aventador Roadster! :D
  12. Hi! :) Do you still have the mod, could you reupload the Mercedes SL, I love this car a lot with new texture but link is dead. Thanks! :)
  13. V2.0 just sounds so good! Thanks! :) Btw, may I ask which environment mods did you use?
  14. I like the car too :) it looks cool but for me, if it's a Ferrari 458, I still prefer the 458 Speciale more than this one though :D
  15. so... is that means a no? :D
  16. Thank you StarGT! :) I like this Rolls-Royce a lot as well as your BMW 760Li, they're just look like a real cars! :) I hope you can make the Audi A8 and the Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe from TDU2 for TDU1 because I think TDU1 needs more mods like this, big, full-size luxury saloons to cruise around :D
  17. Then I guess your next release would probably be the Huracan or maybe Veneno?, I hope I'm right :D
  18. We gonna miss you man, thanks for everything, good luck! :)
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