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  1. I understand where you are coming from. For windows 10, tdu modding tools doesnt allow me to drag and drop to replace files so it makes replacing alot of smaller files inside bnks a hassle. Furthermore, I am not too familiar with some file locations when i look inside the patch folders.
  2. Hey there! for some odd reason i noticed when i run any auto installer for any modification made by our community, it will never successfully override the proper files. I took the time out to look into the modandplay debug file and this is what it says: " ** 12/2/2018 8:55:24 AM ERROR Error when trying to fix TDU registry information.:System.Exception: Unable to fix registry for TDU. Are you administrator? ---> System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Cannot write to the registry key. at Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey.EnsureWriteable() at Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey.SetValue(String name, Object value, RegistryValueKind valueKind) at TDUModdingLibrary.support.Tools.FixRegistry(String tduInstallPath) --- End of inner exception stack trace --- at TDUModdingLibrary.support.Tools.FixRegistry(String tduInstallPath) at TDUModdingLibrary.installer.steps.FinalizationTask.Run(Boolean isInstall) " Now keep in mind: 1. I am running the application as administrator 2. TDU directory is in a SSD D: drive. Not default C: directory 3. I have opened TDU modding tools and tried to fix registry and it displays "Successfully fixed" I am out of ideas at this point. I have a windows 10 system. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. acevt06

    TDU on Windows 10

    GUYS I FIGURED IT OUT! SHOULD WORK FOR EVERYBODY NOW. Every time before you run the game you have to turn off "Disable display scaling with DPI". Then BOOM! You are good to go!! No need for all the extra stuff i think.
  4. acevt06

    TDU on Windows 10

    Tried all these methods, nothing worked for me.. damn. Hopefully something else comes up.
  5. acevt06

    TDU on Windows 10

    New PC windows 10 Crashing So i finally got my 4k UHD rig and TDU is crashing as much as possible. Game loaded like once (after crashing 4 times) then never again. Just keeps on crashing at launch. Anyone can help? I tried all the compatibility settings, they do not help one bit. Specs: Intel 6820HK OC @ 4.1 16.00 RAM 3840 x 2160 @ 60hz Screen GTX 980M with 8gb ddr5 || and graphics amplifier with 980 ti sc
  6. I really loved the tropical paradise palms and other trees; they were extra HQ!!! Can someone make 2D palms / trees with the same quality? The dark cracked roads were awesome too...
  7. acevt06

    TDU Toolkit

    TDU toolkit link down. Anyone has it? I need this program bad.
  8. I really want to start creating sounds for the turboduck community, BUT I have a problem. No sound problem. I have it saved in the right format (I been modifying peoples sounds forever now). But when I decide to replace the files within tdu modding tools instead of bnk editor, I get no sound. So the format is right, BUT when I use the modding tools I get no sound. why? Im tired of truncated sounds from the bnk editor. it makes the job much harder and DESTROYS my loops.. Help anyone? And what can be used to make seamless - pop-less loops? I heard about Doppler, but I need some guidance. I have good samples, just need proper help. Thanks!
  9. Hey Djey, im a novice modder and i know what im doing most of the time... For some reason the TDUMT isnt working for me and i dont know why... it keeps saying check my settings... I attempted using the TDUMT on my desktop and in the directory folder... Also can the TDUPE 2.78 be the problem.. or it doesnt matter??.. PLease respond :) Thanks
  10. acevt06

    Change HP and Torque

    Can someone please send me a link to tdupe 2.78, or an archive, the tdupe website is down :( please held ASAP.
  11. @ fuzzy pixelation. This is due to the user making mipmaps for HUD. He should have used Photoshop's Nvidea texture tools to fix it. I will release a fixed version for you.