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  1. Allthough I don't beleave Milli used any broken files, you are a bit too late to find most sound mods of the past.
    Just browse all sound thread here first, perhaps you are lucky to find some working links.
    At least you'll see, who has done sound mods to browse the web for.
    Exchanging works by replacing the specific sound file with a new.
    Don't forget to backup. Good luck.

  2. 2 hours ago, CroS said:

    Help me! I have original copy of TDU2 but my DVD's is broken and i cant install game. Official website of TDU2 no longer exists so i cant download client of TDU2 😕

    Where i can find original copy of TDU2 to download ?  I have legal serial key - im not a Pirate!

    You won't get a link for original games / files to download here.
    But a fast look at Ebay offers with me at least 37 TDU 2 DVDs worldwide to buy, and some more new / used at Amazon.

    PS: And you posted at the wrong forums

  3. I just found a quite old track pack by 2CVSUPERGT (and Djey?) on my hdd. 
    I don't know, if it would still work, but guess not.

    The races are:

    • Hokuto no Michi over T024
    • [email protected] over Descent of the Dos Reis
    • [email protected] over Mastery
    • Nanto no Michi over Seaside slalom
    • [email protected] over Champion Class
    • Speedway over Ride in Mokapu peninsula
    • West Coast Ride over Not Quite There Yet
    • Oahu Grand Tour over King of Orientation
    • Highway's Slalom over Descent of the Poncet
    • The Stadium Rotary over RACE01
    • The Lost Dogs over Aston martin time attack

    If allowed I could upload.

  4. I got Millis Platinum installed and of course I use Djeys TDUF Database Editor. 👍

    I think, it's not only with me, but when I use the vehicle dropdown list in TDUF DE, brands are kinda unsorted with me.



    So I decided to create a sortable table of that list at my website to find vehicles slots "faster". 😎
    Feel free to use it, if it's helpful for you. Consider to wait very few seconds for sorting, because there are 1100+ entries.

    If you find any mistakes, please drop me a line, thank you. 😀



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