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  1. if you install the TDU Platinum on modded by another mods it will be crashed I recommended download this place: https://abandonwaregames.net/game/test-drive-unlimited
  2. You should download TDU from Abandonware games and you don't need to install megapack because already have it on this file
  3. I've got bad news, my game crashes when I edited any races in race editor with using range of class
    Amazing! If the game crashes because you are using existing profile, I recommmended make a fresh start from scratch!
    This is a joke, car database not found and I can't do anything with that
  4. thank you! it's solved and no more crashes the game!
  5. Same like me too, I got crashed when i enter this race
  6. Can you update the newest version 1.05 with some new cars?
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