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  1. Alright, I'm done. Some people are just straight up stupid.
  2. Yes because the guy who originally created this, released it almost 3 years ago and most likely lost interest in the mod, clearly since it was meant for v028. So stop asking for the link to be fixed when it will never be fixed!
  3. only problem i have had with this one is that i can't pan the camera around the interior
  4. Mate, v0.4 just came out. v0.5 is not coming for AWHILE @StarGT Nice job dude! I haven't even seen this Porsche before! lol but still great job
  5. Awesome, i'll be open to it :)
  6. Oh man, with Quilin's mod and ur sound..... You guys should just make it into a pack :D
  7. lol actually the regular Grand Cherokee is $35,000 and the SRT8 is :cry: $63,000. Ridiculous...
  8. Lookin in some older threads, but i'll test work if need-be :)
  9. Alrighty, I tested this, and it sounded awesome! I am in love with that Idle. I feel it really gives the muscle car sound. It is definitely clean and there are no pauses/bugs in the sound. So Great job!
  10. Holy crap, That is really hard to believe that its ur first sound. Buggy or not, it sounds amazing! Nice work dude!
  11. Little disappointing too because I really like this car. it's luxurious, but if I am driving cockpit, the luxury won't last too long :)
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