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  1. So how did the game knows to calculate the horsepower and torque without the btrq file though?
  2. Couple of questions: 1. How do I change the rims of the hidden cars? I saw the rims are available on the game folder. 2. Why did some cars (eg. LP750 SV) don't have a BTRQ file? Is there any explanation to this?
  3. Try removing the enbseries.ini file from the game folder. I think that was the problem. Edit: Ah I see you got it fixed. No worries then. Cheers.
  4. Might be a little off topic here but is Project Paradise server still up? I'm stucked at the "Connecting to TestDrive server". I dont think I have a Gamespy account but I filled the form anyway and it stuck there.
  5. YASS!!! I checked in here everyday.. was gonna ask you why the long silence. Doesn't matter now, finally that [WIP] turns to [Released]
  6. No the wheels does not locks up but the RPM go down very fast like I'm braking.
  7. Milli, is there any reason some cars such like Mclaren 675LT felt weird when driving it? When I let go of the throttle it's like I stomp on the brake immediately. Maybe this is an engine braking but is there a way I can adjust it myself?
  8. The odometer on the dashboard really got me excited. Best of luck to you.;);)
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