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  1. Let's just drop this already. If he does upload it on a pop up filled site, I'll take one for the team. Download the damn thing and upload it on here giving proper credits. So no one else has to go through all the pop ups. Excited for 0.5! :D
  2. You're unbanned? Glad to see! Yay for the normal download link :D
  3. I remember a while back I had a program to control Bugatti's rear wing manually. For example, make it stay open while the car was stopped. I don't remember where I downloaded it from. Any of you know by any chance?
  4. Sorry for bumping an old thread, but is it possible for you to make a few small changes to the "Night Black" Version? Black Brake Calipers (Instead Of Yellow) Black Engine Cover (Instead Of Red) Black Exterior Trims (Instead Of Chrome) White Roof Vents (Instead Of Black) I'd greatly appreciate that!
  5. Beautiful car! Nice job man Downloading :D
  6. You should consider doing these as your future mods :D BMW 2002 Turbo BMW E46 M3 (there is a normal version but not properly made. NOT talking about tototo's CSL) BMW E92 M3 GTS BMW E30 M3 Evolution And the list goes on. I think it would be awesome to see these cars in TDU2 :)
  7. OMG! I love the Z432!! You're great at modding! Can't wait for the release and many other great mods from you! You rock! :clap: Now onto some of my pictures of this mod :p :D
  8. He's saying the sound replaces the CLK 63 AMG but the body replaces the SLS AMG. @nuttyy All you need to do is rename the sound mod file from CLK to SLS.
  9. Think of it as a TwinTurbo RX-7 lol. All you need is a sound mod with BOV.
  10. Great job chicken! Aside from the bugs, it's perfect Hopefully StarGT can fix them :D
  11. That is sexy! Different body kit versions will be awesome! Downloading. Thanks!
  12. If TDU had this ability, I'd be playing that instead :D
  13. Ohh. Sorry about that. Slow moment for me lol but, I use 2 programs. 1 for wheel size, tire size & wheel offset. 2nd one for camber and ride height. If you guys want them, PM me :)
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