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  1. :O Nice :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: i cant wait
  2. hey can someone convert this R8 ? :drool: http://lalalalalalalalalalalala/3d-modeli/3d-modeli-nfs-rivals/389-2013-audi-r8-plus-3d-model-from-nfs-rivals.html or this 2014 BMW 4 Series Coupe F32 http://lalalalalalalalalalalala/3d-modeli/3d_autotransport/811-2014-bmw-4-series-f32-coupe.html or this Mercedes Bent CLA http://lalalalalalalalalalalala/3d-modeli/3d_autotransport/852-2014-mercedes-benz-cla-260-sport-sedan.html and this Mercedes Benz GL65 http://lalalalalalalalalalalala/3d-modeli/3d_autotransport/820-2013-mercedes-benz-gl-63-amg.html :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  3. And a Audi RS7 :drool: i love this car :eek: [ATTACH]20958[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20959[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20960[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20961[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20962[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20963[/ATTACH] :eek: :drool: :nuts:
  4. Hey I want a VW Passat R36 like this :drool: [ATTACH]20950[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20951[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20952[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20953[/ATTACH] i Love this car
  5. Hey guys This is a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG with Black details tduchicken do it for me and i love it :drool2: Vehicle replaced: Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Converter/Creator: tduchicken Download: Mediafire ----> /download/kj80u1hnl13clq0/Mercede_Benz_SLS_AMG_BLACK.zip [ATTACH]20895[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20896[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20897[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20898[/ATTACH] Enjoy it :nods ## Sorry ## Wrong download now is the right download :)
  6. really good job i love it but i see some bugs :) the windows [ATTACH]20891[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20892[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]20893[/ATTACH] Nice Job :drool2:
  7. i tried it but its dosent work ? How i do this ? Sorry for bad English
  8. Hei how can i do the mercedes logo Black ? [ATTACH]20874[/ATTACH] like this [ATTACH]20875[/ATTACH]
  9. YES !! Please it looks like stock
  10. nice :) when is it aviable ? :snack:
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