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  1. Hey guys, is there still a link for version 1.8? I searched the hell out of the forums, but can't find one
  2. [quote name='TDU3FTW']@StarGT: We urgently need an update in the car classes system. Decades ago supercars had the performance that nowadays even a super hot hatchback has and since the game was launched this "performance frenzy" evolved even more in real life. Here's what I mean: in the original game the Mclaren 12C is in the A1 class along with the Veyrons & Koenigseggs, which doesn't make any sense at all. Not only the performance isn't comparable but they are completely different types of cars. A Ferrari 458 Speciale is faster than the old Enzo, even the normal 458 Italia back in 2010 was faster around Fiorano, so the majority of modern Ferrari's are also faster or as fast as one, therefore [B]I think that all the default cars of the game along with all the mod cars which were added since then by the Unofficial Patch 4 and Autopack should be reclassified with TDUVPE[/B] to modern standards for a more realistic experience in future Autopack releases. My proposal is that cars are reclassified in these categories according to their relative performance (I'll also give examples of cars that we still don't have in the game so that you have an idea)[/QUOTE] AFAIK the original car class system is not related to some real existing car classes or to top speeds. It's related to the acceleration of the cars, that's why Ariel Atom for example is part of A1, even when it's top speed is far away from Bugatti, Pagani, RUF & Co. In my opinion the system as it is should stay. Otherwise you would have tons of extremely overpowered cars in the lower classes in the storyline races or in the multiplayer races, what would be unfair on players without the UP & the car packs.
  3. Keyboardwarrior reporting for duty, I volunteer to do some testing :D PM with system specs follows ;)
  4. Hi all together Today I finally found the time to try the Autopack. The last version I had installed was the first beta version, since then I had no time for longer tests. So today I downloaded the version 1.5 and used the whole evening for buying the new rides and cruising around. And only thing I can say is that I was really impressed and amazed about your work :) I only found one little placement error: The Lykan Hypersport is no Japanese car. The car is a model of W Motors, wich is an Arabian company (founded in Beirut, Lebanon). In nower days the company has it's headquarter in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Due to 4 European high-end manufacturers that were involved in the development (RUF, Carozzeria Viotti, Studio Torino, Magna Steyer) the car would fit better to the European Supercars dealerships ;) Please go on with that wonderful patch and keep the comunity alive, there are still empty spots at some dealers ;)
  5. And why you just don't add it on an empty spot in one Ferrari showroom? ;) I think there are many players as well, who like to drive the 599XX and don't want to borrow it in the Clubhouse for every ride. So what about that idea: Players in TDU2 will be less and less as time goes ahead. For now it's almost impossible to reach a 3 star ranking on a club, even a 2 star ranking is difficult, so some players will never be able to drive all the club cars. Why you don't add all 4 of the club cars to some dealers? For example the Gumpert and the Wiesmann at the European dealer where the other German cars are (RUF & VW), the FXX in one of the Ferrari Dealers (there are still some empty spots in all Ferrari showrooms) and the Lotus 2Eleven on an empty spot at the dealer where the Evora is. So everyone can buy the cars with ingame money and nobody has to give up another ride for that. What du you think?
  6. Just a couple of post above yours you can read this:
  7. Why you want to do this? There are many tools available all around the internet, wich manage to make the club cars temporarily purchaseble at one dealer's showroom. So why spend time and recources to switch cars, that already are in the game and availble since years?
  8. True, they were not in the game until Xarlith's patch, so this should not be the problem.
  9. Did you change the game path in the settings of the Universal Launcher to the new location on your D drive? Your description sounds to me like you started the original version on the C drive.
  10. @nuno95 Make a 3D model and they maybe can follow your orders... :rolleyes:
  11. Playing with modified physical properties, e.g. "corrected" top speed to a higher value, is not fair to those who play the game with original ones and is not better than cheating. So when you want to be faster than everyone use a trainer, that's not better as well but only temporarily and you can keep the game files clear.
  12. Good to hear that the project is going on. But I hope that the new one will not continue hacking DLC cars to be available in the game without purchasing them with real money, just like the patch here in the thread does. If it continues this way I will not use the new patch just as I refuse the old one. Hacking DLC cars is an absolutely no-go for me, and I think for many others too.
  13. But I think you forgot, that not everybody is driving around with a wheel. I'm a convinced keyboard player, and as long as noboby invents analog keys there is only binary gas pedal, zero or full throttle. And when I drive around with full throttle (you have to when you dont just want to stay around) a full tank is just enough for about 80 km in average. Most I ever reached was 105 km, less ever was 65 km when I was automatically teleported to the nearest gas station, what was half way over the complete map. So I unfortunately had to turn off the fuel option, it's no good cruising around with so much fuel consumption and far away from realism. So I support anybody who says that a full tank has to be enough for at least 2.5x the current range.
  14. Hey Mitkop, thanx again for this great patch :) But is there any reason to put the Subaru BRZ in class C0 and not in an existing class? Wouldn't it fit better in something like A5 or A4, like the Impreza for example? The last place where I would look for a car from 2012 is in classics ;) Edit: Why replace the F2004? Just add the LaFerrari on another free slot ;) :D :drool:
  15. At most of the rides I can't chose a color and intereur when I want to buy them. Is it only with me or is it genrally? And the Pagani Huayra is not only where it should be, it's on both islands in the European Classics showroom, too. That one where the Merc Gullwing, the Jag E-Type and the Lotus Esprit are located. But much respect about the project, you made a very good patch. Good to see that there is still new stuff to come for TDU2. I will keep an eye on that ;)
  16. It's done when it's done, IF it'll be done...
  17. I just use the launcher for the windowed mode and enabled the settings via launcher, too. The game then starts in a resolution of 1280x720, but the resolution can be changed in the game (what didn't work when I started the game with just the command line parameter). Then I just press the keys Win+Up to maximize the window (what didn't work with just the parameter as well). Now I can play in windowed mode and 1920x1080. Hope this helps :)
  18. Just found another one on ebay, $10.54 and worldwide free shipping. So "don't find one" is a really really bad excuse for using pirate copies...
  19. How about reading the starting post? According to that, cracked versions will not be served with support here. Try to get a legal copy, 5 seconds of searching and I found one on Amazon.com for $17.35 + p+p. If that is to expensive for you try ebay, when you don't try both of them, you are not worth playing this amazing patch ;)
  20. More consumption? I don't know what you are doing, but usually it take me less than 100km to empty the tank, so a little less consumption would be nice. Once the tank even was empty after just 70km. Long cruising tours are impossible with that, except you only drive from gas station to gas station. So unfortunately I had to turn off the fuel option. Maybe it's because I drive with keyboard and according to this I cannot adjust the throttle, it's only binary, 1 or 0, pedal-to-the-metal or nothing. So I always drive around with full throttle what maybe tells the fuel option to drain the tank in minimum time.
  21. When you don't have an old savegame, you need to start a new carrier. For that you can enter whatever you want as e-mail and password, it will work. When you don't see anybody on the map, activate UPNP in you router settings or manually forward UDP port 8889.
  22. 1 and 2 is unlogical, u have the bike shop and the Bugatti shops even when have not installed the unoffitial patch and even if your game is vanilla and packed. Only for me plausible reasons are 1 shops not found yet 2 game is not updated to the latest original Atari patch, at least less than original DLC2 patch, wich added the new shops. Some pages ago I posted maps of Ibiza and Hawaii with all shops marked on it, maybe this will help finding the missing shops ;) Edit: just thougt about it again and found out: when something terribly went wrong while unpacking the game could cause the problem too. So giving it another try to unpack maybe solves the problem.
  23. Maybe you didn't find it yet, or your game is not updated until the latest official game version.
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