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  1. Hi all, I think it's to bad to haven't this car in the game alongside the VW Golf GTI and the Renault Megane RS ? Many model are available yet with the NFS series and Forza. If anyone want try a convert.
  2. I think an M3, Agera, Camaro SS, Dodge RAM srt10, TVR Cerbera, Mclaren F1, Ninja, BAC Mono
  3. Awesome work :p, cars are beautiful, congratulations to all for your hard work and motivation.
  4. Too bad it would be perfect in TDU2 :lol:
  5. Do you think you do it one day ?
  6. Hi, After the Gemballa MIG-U1 and the Mistrale it might be interesting to include th Gemballa Mirage GT in TDU2, it seems to me that the model had already been converted by TDUzoqqer for TDU1 with the help Reventon9, but I have not the 3D model.
  7. There is a potential list of cars for this update ?
  8. Link reupload thank you so much, for this perfect convert', one of the beautiful Aston Martin.
  9. Really ? Thank for your help ( again ^^ )
  10. Thanks you so much, i have try but I understand nothing ^^ I will try again ...
  11. Hi all, So here I'm trying to get the Gumpert Apollo with no club, I play offline so I can change my backup with no problem, I love this car it is a shame not to have it, so if anyone knows a mod or another technical or software, I'm interested but i don't want replace an orignal car by the Apollo I just want ad it to my garage. Thank you all: D
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