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  1. No thats not possible, as far as i know these functions are not in the shared source code.
  2. I think i wrote this before @Milli: If you ever release an Update for Platinum it would be really nice if you add the original Saleen S7 back again in your project. ^^ The only reason i play 99% Vanilla TDU is because the S7 is my favorite car and i don't like it in Platinum. I need the original sound and the original physics in it. Well, at least its a request....^^
  3. Installed it, but it doesn't boot up. Before the TDU Windows open up it just closes the black TDU windows and thats it. Tested it with english files. My other versions of TDU are working normally (Original, Platinum, TDU modded)
  4. Anyone who has contacts to admins, plz tell them to activate Multiplayer Challenges for test Driving them. I guess thats a one minute switch to set in the code ? Would be very nice!
  5. To be honest i do not care about doing the model missions with perfect. I'm playing since Friday/Saturday and got already 68% Map Exploration, 10 delivery missions and i'm through all of it again ^^ For me its just to play the game again, and what irritating me is, that there still isn't any racing game that makes me so addicted like Test Drive Unlimited. I really like the Horizon series, and the physics over there are much better than TDU (if you ask me). But for some reasons i LOVE the Arcade Physics/handling in TDU (and with that i didn't mean the "H" Mode). Can't explain it any further. And i don't think we will ever see a big mod like this one again. A couple of months ago i bought a Test Drive Unlimited Official Game Guide for 50 bucks, lol. Very expensive but it was almost new and worth the Money (at least for me. because i love TDU Stuff). And for the car Control Thing, milli will bring a patch with 10 seconds more, Maybe that will do it,. Just have some training and with ta good car you will do it!
  6. Yes, but even if i get bad traffic in corners i have enough time to slow down. Since it is topic here i drove the track approx 10 times and there was not a single try where i had problems with it. I also could have 2-3 crashes and its still not a problem if you are able to drive fast on the straights. And if you have traffic on ALL corners, than i would call it bad luck ^^ Until now there wasn't any single race where i had any problems.
  7. Thats the game then, since i have 3 versions of TDU on my HDD. One with UCP, one with Platinum and one unmodded. I drove the track a couple of times now and the traffic is different. No big deal.
  8. Here is an example of a serious test of car Control, Maybe it helps a bit how to drive. Wasn't the best run but you could get an idea on how to drive there. I'm not a youtuber, so there is no bling bling or stuff like that ^^
  9. The Challenge isn't luck based, you just have to drive properly. Just drive on the side of the street (left and right) and not in the middle, or at least not the whole time. I may do a video of it, not sure if its helpful.
  10. I would highly recommend to choose another car. I guess it is possible with the lexus, but very hard and you have to had a perfect run for 3:25. Here are 2 trys i did with 2 different cars: The Lexus, some bad traffic, a little mistake. At least a good run i would say. And Nissan Skyline R34. As you can see i made a lot Errors, but it was easy as hell.
  11. I've done all Time Challenges without any problems inkl. serious test of car Control. Just finished Tantalus, and how great is it to drive it with the Ford GT now ^^ lol
  12. @Danmark The Multiplayer-Archievements in TDU are in the Programm Code. I guess you can't mod them out. Unfortunately no one can fullfill them even with the Servers on. So, TDU Platinum has nothing to do with them. Just tested the GTO again. Its not the last gear which is useless, i was wrong. Its the sound that is irritating me, because it feels so slow, not powerful.
  13. I'm playing approx 17 hours the last 2 days, litterally playing again through the complete singleplayer campaign. And so it seems that some of the track routes were changed. So i'm wondering if it would be possible to convert some tracks to the multiplayer challenges. I played the whole thing a couple of months ago incl 100% map exploring, and im afraid i will do it again. For example "A serious test of car control" in solo campaign is the same like "Palm Groove" in Multiplayer (but no traffic, just a race). And i know there are some more solo races which have similar track routes like "tackling the giant hair pins" (solo) and "the kelekole pass race" (multiplayer). For me personally it would be very interesting if its possible to change those stuff for my own. Maybe someone can give me a hint to it, or if this is just to much work. It would be easier if the admins of Project Paradise just switch the Multiplayer button to "on" again (even if you can't use them beside "test drive" them (thats what i heard). Its really cool to see like approx 250 players are playing again on the server. I guess there are a lot more people who play offline. things i don't like so far (only my personal opinion): Sound of the Saleen S7, although it sounds better than the original. Some of the tunings with cars and classes. Ferrari GTO 288 for example now "G" class and the last gear is pretty useless. Ford GT A3 is now...wow....light speed...but i like it better in B class and not so pwerful. I know some of these changes are owing to balance overall. And as i said, thats just my personal opinion. I also like some of the graphic modifications like the weather-mod. I have two Car Dealers "Custom TDU Dealer 1 and 2". The only car skin i can see there are the general tdu DLC Skins if you do not own the DLC. Is this working as intended or do i have activate the car pack again ? I also saw some graphic errors like on one corvette my char sits nearly more in the bonnet like in the car (its not that bad). But until now the game is running normal, i only have the problems like any others on some races, that you can't pass the menu when finished. You have to exit the game and start again, and all is fine. Again, awesome work you've done here. Maybe some day someone will have some further look into the multiplayer code
  14. Also installed the Mod, and again i'm a bit in TDU Fever. It's really nice work you've done here. Just did the Island Tour with my favorite Ford GT A0 (oh, ist A Class now ^^) in 43:16 ( is the track a bit different than original?). The traffic does some more strange behaviour than before, but hey..its tdu. Traffic was Always a mess in this game. Was just playing a couple of Hours but its fun, because its tdu. I do not had any Problems like framedrops and Things. Cheers
  15. If you really are not interested in Singleplayer i don't recommend to spent 20 € on it. I think only real TDU-Lovers are still playing the game, and as above was written, the only multiplayer thing you can do is cruising with someone or instant challenges. So basically you could do only instant challenge as multiplayer part. ALL other Multiplayer things are unfortunately deactivated, because they needed a lot of programming stuff. I recently have read that TDU 2 Server are based on Lua programming. Same for TDU ? And a reminder to the admins to switch Multiplayer tracks on again, just for own fun stuff for the people who want to test drive the thing (as i heard you can test drive them?). Personally i dont know this, i think i never test drive a multiplayer track. And Welcome back TheSeeker...lol...really funny how old known players come back to the best Racing game ever. :D
  16. Thats true, if Multiplayer ever will see the light of earth there is a massive problem with it: Players using Mods and same cars have different performance classes.
  17. Nice Videos! I also have a couple of Videos on my hard disk which i uploaded to the old video platform myvideo (which doesn't exist anymore). There's also some nice multiplayer action, but some of them are in 240p, you can'r really watch them, others are in HD. Gives me everytime a nice smile on my face when i watch them. Since i was bored the last week, i startet with a new profile from scratch. I did every singleplayer race again, have to make some delivery missions and some missions i've not found so far. Map Exploration ist at approx 60-70%. Man that was fun again. :D I also searched through some pictures of some of the old multiplayer tracks (for the layout), to cecreate them in the editor, which works pretty well. When i explore the map, on some areas i always think "oh, nice..these was the area of this and this race", but i can't remember every race, nor i can remember exactly where it was. I recreated pitfall path in editor and, man this is awesome. Also Palmgroove still gives a really awesome fluid driving. Also i'm playing here and there with Mods, but, for me, that vanilla TDU is my thing. I tried ultra community pack, and i think its a really nice mod, but i had difficultys to find some of my old favorite cars like the Z06 Corvette Coupe (the stage 2 car). Also every ENB, SweetFX thing. At first they look good, but my favorite is the lighting with vanilla, which is really well made. So on my new profile i have now cars with "not downloaded yet" skin, because i mixed it up with Community pack and vanilla, but thats ok. My Ford GT already has nearly 1000 Kilometres again. My Saleen approx 800. On my Main Account my Saleen has approx 28000. But i'm not good as the past days. I'm not able to drive the isle tour under 38 Minutes. My record so far is 39:02,88. Unfortunately i can't see what i have driven in 2007/2008, since this is the only time stamp which is bugged in my stats. But if i remember correct we have driven 34xx Minutes times with saleen. I could be wrong though. I don't have clue how i can do this in 2018 ^^ Offtopic: Forza Horizon 4 is a really nice game with awesome graphics. I played it a bit in multiplayer with an old mate from 2007 (SoulbladeGT, who was one of the best drivers in TDU back in 2007. But no one can compete with Leffe. He was insane ^^). Firstly, you need a bunch of patience to play Multiplayer in FH4, loading times for tracks and players are insane (i think this is because crossplay between pc and xbox). And secondly, that choice of tracks is pretty bad. In TDU you had a GREAT choice of dozens of really good tracks which were really fun to drive on, not so in FH4. Tracks are kinda all standard, theres no track like pitfall path or kelekole. Also the count of tracks is pretty small. But the physics in FH4 is imho very nice. Also you can't switch collision of in FH4, which brings some real problems with it. Lots of crash kiddies tehre who use rubberbanding al the way.
  18. Someone knows if there is a way to represent the Multiplayer Challenges in any way ingame ? So, maybe there is a switch in project Paradise that you can see them, but not use them ? Other questions: where is the info saved about the multiplayer races and their layouts and names, in Client or on server ? Someone knows this ? Edit: Ok, after reading nearly 110 Pages of this thread from the announcement, to the beta, and to the final version i learned that in Version 0.02 you had the Multiplayer Challenges switched on. You couldn't play them, but if i have read it right, you could drive them through testing. It would be VERY nice if you could activate them again, as long as nothing technical is against it. I'm thinking of building them in the editor, so that i can drive them alone. This game had so much really great MP-Tracks like Kelekole Pass (recently i learned that it isn't kelekole pass but kolekole..lol), Breaking Point, Pitfall Path, Great tantalus, Waimanalo...oh men and so much more). I dream of a 0.0.4 Version of Project Paradise on which speeder surprises us with a working multiplayer racing part.
  19. Haha, nice one Okar. I met Jackich yesterday too after you played the session. :D
  20. Hey Okar! Nice to meet an old CTDD-Peep after all this years. And yes would be freaking awesome to race again with you, ransah, FurryAppleseed, Leffe, Pistensau, Fasthammer, SlyRS, [HUN]Bronco etc etc etc.. Haha, but i'm afraid the netcode is against it.
  21. After a long pause i started TDU (Project Paradise) on my Win 10 and it says "Hey, you need a newer OS like Win98, Win xp or VIsta", lol. I couldn't get it. After some days i started it again and it runs fine as it does before. Recently i just realized that eden games is still in business with a mobile racing game. The reason why Mutliplayer isn't working is, because theres no source code for that ? Has someone tried to mail Eden Games and to ask for the source code of TDU ? Not sure if anyone of them has it, because the developer split up to Ivory Tower (maybe email them?). Beside that i guess we know an possible answer to that, but i guess they don't care about a 10+ year old game for copyright reasons, no? I'm not sure if it really makes sense to try to keep the Multiplayer-Races up again, but i was astonished that approx 100 people play on a regularly base. Thats really nice and shows how good the game was. I can tell you, i have so good and special memories about the game back in 2007/2008, i wish i could meet old peeps and racing Multiplayer again. Side Note: Yesterday i started TDU2. I bought it on release day a couple of years ago, but man, the physics were pissing me off, so i never played it really. Now it seems a bit fun i'll look for some modding on it.
  22. TDU2 ist just a piece of garbage against TDU if you ask me. :D I updated to Windows 10 a year ago, and the only reason why i downgraded to Windows 7 again was TDU, because it wouldnt start with Windows 10. Now because i wanted to try Apex, i installed Windows 10 again, and for some strange reason TDU is working now. Yay. :nuts: For any person having problems with it: I'm using it with an Iso made with Alcohol 120%. Not sure if this is always working. But thank god for me it does. There are so many good racing games out there, but TDU ist just a special one, i still love playing it, and it gets me some really, really good memories back again with the Crash test Drive Dummys-Club (CTDD). :cool:
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