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  1. Installed it, but it doesn't boot up. Before the TDU Windows open up it just closes the black TDU windows and thats it. Tested it with english files. My other versions of TDU are working normally (Original, Platinum, TDU modded)
  2. Anyone who has contacts to admins, plz tell them to activate Multiplayer Challenges for test Driving them. I guess thats a one minute switch to set in the code ? Would be very nice!
  3. Someone have a hint where to get the Mazda MX5 Miata (NA). Only see the (NC) Version.
  4. To be honest i do not care about doing the model missions with perfect. I'm playing since Friday/Saturday and got already 68% Map Exploration, 10 delivery missions and i'm through all of it again ^^ For me its just to play the game again, and what irritating me is, that there still isn't any racing game that makes me so addicted like Test Drive Unlimited. I really like the Horizon series, and the physics over there are much better than TDU (if you ask me). But for some reasons i LOVE the Arcade Physics/handling in TDU (and with that i didn't mean the "H" Mode). Can't explain it any furt
  5. Yes, but even if i get bad traffic in corners i have enough time to slow down. Since it is topic here i drove the track approx 10 times and there was not a single try where i had problems with it. I also could have 2-3 crashes and its still not a problem if you are able to drive fast on the straights. And if you have traffic on ALL corners, than i would call it bad luck ^^ Until now there wasn't any single race where i had any problems.
  6. Thats the game then, since i have 3 versions of TDU on my HDD. One with UCP, one with Platinum and one unmodded. I drove the track a couple of times now and the traffic is different. No big deal.
  7. Here is an example of a serious test of car Control, Maybe it helps a bit how to drive. Wasn't the best run but you could get an idea on how to drive there. I'm not a youtuber, so there is no bling bling or stuff like that ^^
  8. The Challenge isn't luck based, you just have to drive properly. Just drive on the side of the street (left and right) and not in the middle, or at least not the whole time. I may do a video of it, not sure if its helpful.
  9. I would highly recommend to choose another car. I guess it is possible with the lexus, but very hard and you have to had a perfect run for 3:25. Here are 2 trys i did with 2 different cars: The Lexus, some bad traffic, a little mistake. At least a good run i would say. And Nissan Skyline R34. As you can see i made a lot Errors, but it was easy as hell.
  10. I've done all Time Challenges without any problems inkl. serious test of car Control. Just finished Tantalus, and how great is it to drive it with the Ford GT now ^^ lol
  11. @Danmark The Multiplayer-Archievements in TDU are in the Programm Code. I guess you can't mod them out. Unfortunately no one can fullfill them even with the Servers on. So, TDU Platinum has nothing to do with them. Just tested the GTO again. Its not the last gear which is useless, i was wrong. Its the sound that is irritating me, because it feels so slow, not powerful.
  12. I'm playing approx 17 hours the last 2 days, litterally playing again through the complete singleplayer campaign. And so it seems that some of the track routes were changed. So i'm wondering if it would be possible to convert some tracks to the multiplayer challenges. I played the whole thing a couple of months ago incl 100% map exploring, and im afraid i will do it again. For example "A serious test of car control" in solo campaign is the same like "Palm Groove" in Multiplayer (but no traffic, just a race). And i know there are some more solo races which have similar track routes like "
  13. Also installed the Mod, and again i'm a bit in TDU Fever. It's really nice work you've done here. Just did the Island Tour with my favorite Ford GT A0 (oh, ist A Class now ^^) in 43:16 ( is the track a bit different than original?). The traffic does some more strange behaviour than before, but hey..its tdu. Traffic was Always a mess in this game. Was just playing a couple of Hours but its fun, because its tdu. I do not had any Problems like framedrops and Things. Cheers
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