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  1. Thanks a lot for this mod. But I have a question. When I rammed some police cars, They were changing their colors like other traffics. Is this phenomenon common to all you? (Kia stinger sounds like real v8 is there good soundmod for this car?)
  2. One more! I think tuning lvl4 is not properly applied to some cars. They are almost same with no tuned cars.
  3. Oh Thx :) It is my pleasure for testing it and i see i will wait next 1.8 update!
  4. 1. All vehicles tuned level4 2. Fxx deos not have exterior guage 3. Test in same road showed your videos 4. Wrote top speed as (shown)(reached)Kph 5.Fxx-K is the fastest Hypersport(415)(370) A10(382)(361) Cerbera(416)(396) S7(432)(397) Rturbo(383)(381) RT12(382)(380) 918(0?)(383) Zonda Trico(382)(362) ZondaF Rdster(372)(360) ZondaR(0?)(379) ZondaF(372)(345) Zonda Cinq(378 )(368 ) Huayra(406)(398 ) StirlingMoss(378 )(359) P1(0?)(400) 650S(359)(367) MC12(356)(352) Veneno(383)(382) SestoElmnto(380)(373) Murcielago(368 )(375) Aventador(382)(388 ) CCXR(450)(423) CCX(426)(404) AgeraR(469)(435) ApolloS(388 )(362) FxxK(0?)(438 ) Laferrari(0?)(415) Fxx(0?)(395) F12berli(367)(375) Enzo(383)(373) 599XX(366)(357) 599GTO(361)(353) F2012(0?)(392) CorvetteZR1(356)(367) VeyronSS(448 )(427) Veyron(439)(410) Mono(295)(297) ONE77(382)(398 ) Atom500(324)(324)
  5. I will :-) and i wonder if 1.8 autopack continue to updating? 575maranello cannot be painted even i tried repainting
  6. So many bug 1. Mclaren f1 and eb110 positiona of hands and arms are extremely weird. 2. Laferraris interior hud is not fit with actual speed
  7. Thnx! Should i change the file name with sal-s7tt audio??
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