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  1. Just buy the car or test drive it and you'll see that everything is just fine. It's a thing of some dealerships to display the colors in a different shade of their real appearance.
  2. Hey Milli, i just compared the car list of this mod pack with the "old" list of tdu ucp and found that some cars have gone missing. The most noticable ones are: Cadillac Cien, Chevrolet Corvair Monza, Chrysler Firepower Concept, Ferrari California (1st gen), Holden Efijy Concept, Lamborghini Jalpa 3.5, Noble M14, Noble M400, VW Karmann Ghia and all the RUF models (probabaly accessable via tuning as some of the other missing cars). Are these cars just an oversight in the list or for real missing? Cause i cant really imagine how they could fit into tuning accessability. Another thing i wanna ask (and now starts the wishlist part :D), will the new gen Ford GT, Mosler MT-900, Radical or Zenvo ST1 be included? Saw some russian mod, which had them. If you cant include these, no worries, jusk asking That mod also had a new "car dealer" unlocked on the map (some bike shop east of the crater) with cars in it. Will this new dealership be included in platinum? Thanks in advance for answering! Keep the good work up. Cheers Mirt09
  3. is it possible to add more garage space, because it would be awesome being able to own every vehicle.
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