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  1. ApexChaser - they're from TDU game guide on Gamepressure - https://guides.gamepressure.com/testdriveunlimited/guide.asp?ID=2542
  2. Um well... I haven't encountered problem like that - my game works normal. Maybe you should try one of these methods https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Test_Drive_Unlimited under "Issues fixed". And from what I know TDU works strange on CPUs with clock speed higher than 2.20 GHz. When I changed my OS to Windows 10 then I had problems to run this game, but I done what was written under "Crash on Windows 10" and that helped.
  3. So you must just launch the game (without platinum), create a profile, quit game and put platinum pack to game's folder.
  4. This is my method and it worked: 1.Install the game 2.Install Patch 1.66 3.Put Crack 1.66 to your game folder 4.Launch the game and create a profile 5.Quit the game 6.Put Platinum Pack files to your game folder And that's everything - now game should run without issues.
  5. I'm wondering how this game runs on W10 ? Earlier, when I had Windows 7, I installed this game, and when I turned on my computer I needed to do system restoration. From what I learned it was probably Starforce's fault. Is there any method to run this game on W10 without causing similar corruptions ?
  6. I dunno, maybe it's just a mistake
  7. Okay, I've found maps of other challenges:
  8. I found one with delivery challenges. Here:
  9. I wonder that do you release this game before Kylotonn release TDU 3 ? I know it's hard to describe, but assuming that they release it in 2020/2021 , then there is chance that you finish ATG: Kish before them ?
  10. Is possible to make race editor (to creating races with bots) like this in TDU 2 ?
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