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  1. YESSS ! Finally the day that all TDU fans waited for ! Few days ago I bought Kylotonn's WRC 8 and it's even better than V-Rally 4 and WRC 7. Their games really improved since WRC 6. So I'm sure there's nothing to worry about TDU3. For me it's need to be at least better than TDU2 and nothing more. And thanks for this info ozcan
  2. Yeah I forgot that Divo is in CSR 2 too. Anyway this Urus model looks great
  3. Please Star, can you convert Bugatti Divo (from The Crew 2 or TDU Platinum) to TDU2 ?
  4. ApexChaser - they're from TDU game guide on Gamepressure - https://guides.gamepressure.com/testdriveunlimited/guide.asp?ID=2542
  5. Um well... I haven't encountered problem like that - my game works normal. Maybe you should try one of these methods https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Test_Drive_Unlimited under "Issues fixed". And from what I know TDU works strange on CPUs with clock speed higher than 2.20 GHz. When I changed my OS to Windows 10 then I had problems to run this game, but I done what was written under "Crash on Windows 10" and that helped.
  6. So you must just launch the game (without platinum), create a profile, quit game and put platinum pack to game's folder.
  7. This is my method and it worked: 1.Install the game 2.Install Patch 1.66 3.Put Crack 1.66 to your game folder 4.Launch the game and create a profile 5.Quit the game 6.Put Platinum Pack files to your game folder And that's everything - now game should run without issues.
  8. I'm wondering how this game runs on W10 ? Earlier, when I had Windows 7, I installed this game, and when I turned on my computer I needed to do system restoration. From what I learned it was probably Starforce's fault. Is there any method to run this game on W10 without causing similar corruptions ?
  9. I dunno, maybe it's just a mistake
  10. Okay, I've found maps of other challenges:
  11. I found one with delivery challenges. Here:
  12. I wonder that do you release this game before Kylotonn release TDU 3 ? I know it's hard to describe, but assuming that they release it in 2020/2021 , then there is chance that you finish ATG: Kish before them ?
  13. Is possible to make race editor (to creating races with bots) like this in TDU 2 ?
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