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  1. "Over 880 vehicles" of which around half of these vehicles are "hidden" on the car list, so whether there are actually over 880 vehicles in the game, or not? I counted all vehicles from all dealerships in game by myself and the result was ~400, so what happened to the rest of those vehicles? Did i need to do something to get them? I can't understand this, maybe because i'm kinda stupid lol. Could someone explain me how does it work? I'll be so grateful if a similar issue was already been explained in this thread, I'd like to apologize for my inattention.
  2. Jesus christ, thank you so much dude, this patch worked for me too I was so confused about that huge FPS drops/crashes, finally this issue was gone. https://ntcore.com/files/4gb_patch.zip - if someone also have the same issue, use this link
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