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  1. as a JLR enthusiast i'd personally love to see this car in game, i have the Forza Horizon 3 model with correctly scaled wheels in .dae format if anyone is considering making a mod out of this
  2. @Leonctrindade i found what my issue was, and it was that i didn't use the TDUMT that came with my Platinum.zip file. the one that works for me is this: and @Tob-Racer thank you for being really helpful and answering all the nooby questions i have lol :))
  3. i'll try TDUF then, i previously had a play around with it and it was difficult for me to use but what's there to lose trying to learn how to properly use it :)) EDIT: i got this far, but the tires don't seem to fit. any idea what's causing this?
  4. so i can easily replace the platinum custom cars, this interface seems the easiest for me to understand
  5. sorry @Tob-Racer i meant TDUMT, this is what i get the error on:
  6. thx for the reply :)), but there must be a workaround for TDUMT*** because @Tob-Racer managed to get his to work with modded names
  7. does anyone have a workaround for TDUPE when i try and change to "modded names"? i'm trying to modify the TDU platinum custom cars
  8. really really like this mod! please continue to update it :)))
  9. this is a truly incredible mod, but how do i get the vanilla A6 4.2 back in the dealer?
  10. Is the method for adding cars the same? I'm trying to add the RS6 and RS7 but it doesn't seem to work.
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