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  1. How has this mod affected physics in this game? I've never played TDU before, so I don't really know how to compare the physics before and after. I also checked the various files that might hold the physics files such as the "Physics" folder in the BnK folder, but I noticed that the physics file has been left unchanged since 2006.
  2. Does this mod work with Repacks of the game? Before installing the mod, the game runs perfectly. But installing it completely breaks the game; the game immediately crashes before the intro even starts. The FAQ's statement about TDU PE not working properly is not really easy to understand. I've tried running the game as an Admin, but that doesn't work. And for the rest, I don't really get what it means. I remember seeing this being asked a few pages back, but no one answered that person's questions. Does anyone know the issue I'm facing?
  3. So, I attempted and installed TDU on my PC. I used an appropriate crack to remove the DRM, and am faced with this issue. The screen immediately turns to black without the intro playing at all, and stays that way indefinitely. I have to somehow dig my way through task manager without looking at it to end this task since I can't alt-tab out of this. Of all the bugs that TDU has with Windows 10, I don't see anything about this! Anyone know what's going on? EDIT: I FIXED IT. IT WAS A PROBLEM WITH REALTEK. THIS WILL BE HELPFUL TO EVERYONE WHO IS USING A PC WITH REALTEK AUDIO DRIVERS. TELL EVERYONE THIS FIX IF THEY FACE THIS STRANGE ISSUE. So, if you use a motherboard that uses Realtek as its on-board audio, first of all, avoid getting one with Realtek ever again as many games including Hotline Miami and Katana Zero hate Realtek, and second of all, the problem lies in your audio output. When you change your volume, you will face the option of picking out several audio outputs. CHOOSE THE "Realtek HD Audio 2 Output" OPTION. That is usually the computer's default audio output. TDU only recognizes this and will refuse to budge if it doesn't detect it. If that doesn't work, try the other output options. I'm sure you're bound to find the correct option. Hope this fix helps you out. p.s. just ignore the music if you'd like
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