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    Thanks, this fixed the map issue, and surprisingly fixed that "speed sense" effect which make the game looks it's running at 30 fps. Now everything is smooth as butter. But there is one major problem: the game crashes a lot, specially when you enter stores, houses or travel between islands. I'm using RTX 3060 Ti.
  1. Tried to play TDU World but a window popped up asking for a Unlock Code, but whenever i put this code, the activation fails. I got a legitimate copy bought on Steam. Searching a little, i discovered this error is caused by changing hardware components without revoking your license. Recently i had to change my motherboard because the old one stopped working, and i wasn't able to revoke my unlock code before installing the new motherboard. Is it possible to bypass this? Or i lost my TDU2 copy forever? Someone help me, please.
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