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RTX Stability Patch: Custom DXVK + Steam Overlay Patch & More 2.0

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About This File

Esurient's RTX Patch

Included: Custom Compile DXVK | Custom Steam Overlay API | Custom Nvidia Inspector Profile (NIP)

DXVK Compile Version: 1.8.1

This archive includes an up to date version of DXVK (at the time of posting) which has been tested with and without the custom Nvidia inspector profile. DXVK has been compiled from the GitHub source but optimised/altered to work better with TDU2 in terms of offering stability, this is also the aim of the custom Nvidia inspector profile as well as any other items which may be included in this thread, now included Steam Overlay Patch for RTX!

What's Included
Included in the archive are four folders, "nip Profile - Run Application", "DLLs - Paste Into TestDriveUnlimited2", "Disable Full Screen Optimisation" and "4GB Patch - Select TestDrive2.exe"
(Note: If you are afraid to run this exe, you can download it yourself via Google or use VirusTotal to scan the Archive)


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Installing the nip profile: 
To install the profile launch nvidiaProfileInspector, once the window has loaded you will notice a bar at the top with "Profiles:" and icons, select the icon that had a green arrow pointing down/towards the square and select "Import Profile(s)", a selection window will open and click on the "Test Drive Unlimited 2.nip", a new window should pop up to say that the profile has been successfully imported. Profile Installation Completed!

Installing Custom Compile DXVK:
To install DXVK, simply copy all the DLLs and paste them in the root of the Test Drive Unlimited 2 directory (folder).

Note: Screenshots below showing in detail how to use Nvidia Profile Inspector (From 1~4)

Installing Custom Steam Overlay API:
To install the Steam Overlay Fix, simply copy "steam_api.dll" and paste it into the root of the Test Drive Unlimited 2 directory (folder). That Simple!

Installing 4GB Patch:
To install the 4GB Patch, open the exe and select "TestDrive2.exe" from the Test Drive Unlimited 2 directory (folder).

Disabling Full Screen Optimisations
V1.1: Currently there are two ways to disable fullscreen optimisation, first option, if you have a steam install in the steamapps folder on your C drive you can use the .reg file in the archive to quickly disable it, option two is to follow the screenshot attached in this guide.

Disabling Manually: Find the TestDrive2 executable, right click it, go to properties, compatibilty tab at the top and tick the box stating "Disable full-screen optimisations". Hit Apply, Okay and you can launch the game!

Note: Screenshots below showing properties window

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This section includes details about all previous updates as the ZIPs are still available to download.

  • V1.0 (627430841_RTXStabilityPatchv1.zip): Base
  • V1.1 (RTX_Stability_Patch_(v1.1).zip): Changed VRAM Limit, 3GB.
  • V1.1b (RTX_Stability_Patch_(v1.2).zip): Reincluded dxgi.dll as it fixes crashes for some users.
  • V2.0 (EsurientsRTXPatch(v2.0).zip): Smooth single player performance (Recommend 4GB Patch For Online), Photo Mode is 50/50. may crash on some systems the first time or may not. Fullscreen optimisation .reg now includes Atari install location. 4GB Patch Included with archive, further stability and sampling increased via Nvidia Inspector Profile, Steam Overlay Fixed for RTX! V2.0 Also includes a Post Overhaul, now complete with a video tutorial. Archive now also includes a Version.txt file with each file details. Archive Naming Scheme Updated.

Note: Performance may vary on different systems, modifications were tested on a 2070 Super.

Edited by Esurient
Full Overhaul Files/Post + Added Video Guide!

What's New in Version 2.0


  • Performance Optimisation, Thoroughly Tested (Recommend 4GB Patch For Online)
  • Photo Mode Optimisation (50/50: May Crash on Some Systems During First Photo, or Not)
  • Fullscreen Optimisation (.reg now includes Atari install location) 
  • 4GB Patch (Included with Archive)
  • Nvidia Inspector Profile (Further Stability & Sampling Increased) 
  • Steam Overlay Fixed for RTX!
  • Archive now also includes a Version.txt file with each file details.

Other Changes:

  • Archive Naming Scheme Updated.
  • Post Overhaul.
  • Video tutorial.

User Feedback



· Edited by LegendOP

   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

I'm using a 1660 Ti and it fixed the map freezing but there's slight stuttering throughout the rest of the game and it crashes at random now. I know you don't have access to a 16 Series card, I'm just posting this review for other 1660 Ti users to see. Overall, I hope the patch gets better in the future.

Link to review

· Edited by JagHond

   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

These fixes are easy to be installed, thanks as first for the clear and detailed instructions written step-to-step.

And they do their job, most of all!

I would have rated them "five stars" if it wouldn't some random black screen in Windows happened. Too bad. They would have been really perfect otherwise.

My experience is positive.

Response from the author:

Yep, perfectly acceptable and these issues were known during v1.2. I do recommend that you try using V2.0, Thank you for the review!

Link to review

· Edited by Adm-RAL

   1 of 2 members found this review helpful 1 / 2 members

Computer: ASUS ROG STRIX G15 (Screen №1)

Problem: Unstable operation of the game map. When opening a map in the game, the game crashes with a probability of about 80%.

Question: When installing a clean DXVK from this kit, the game does not start with this message - (Screen №2)

Is there a solution to this problem for RTX 30 series video cards?

STRIX G15.jpg

DXVK Error.jpg

Response from the author:

Unfortunetly since I do not own a 30series or 16 series card, all testing is only verified on 20series. I do know that V1.0~1.2 have had issues when trying to run with 30series cards. However, this is currently out of my scope.

Hopefully, this issue will be addressed at a later stage.

Note: For The Shader 3.0 Error, I recommend fully installing DirectX Runtime.

Link to review

   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

Great work, however it causes major problems in my case. Some textures will occasionally appear glitched, causing the game to crash few moments later. I use a GTX 1650 which is also affected by the same problems the RTX cards have. 

Response from the author:


As you should be aware on the main thread I have noted that everything has only been tested on a 2070 Super (20series Card) as unfortunetly I do not have access to 16 series nor 30 series cards to test any changes unfortunately.


Hopefully this will change in the future,
Thanks For The Review!

Link to review


Thanks, this fixed the map issue, and surprisingly fixed that "speed sense" effect which make the game looks it's running at 30 fps. Now everything is smooth as butter.

But there is one major problem: the game crashes a lot, specially when you enter stores, houses or travel between islands.

I'm using RTX 3060 Ti.

Link to review

I have an RTX 2060 and this fix didn't help with anything. The map crashes 100% of the time. On top of that, I can no longer enter the garage and most of my clothes are invisible. If anyone has found a way to at least open the map 50% of the time, help would be greatly appreceated.

Link to review

· Edited by Syntonic


I have a RTX 3080 and this fixed the map CTD.

After I imported the NIP I tweaked the settings a bit. Had things that were unnecessary.

I also recommend playing this in windowed with Borderless Gaming.

However, the game still crashes every once in a while (mostly while transitioning to dealerships or homes). I sadly don't think there's anything that can be done about that.

Thank you so much for this, @Esurient!

Link to review

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