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  1. Yes but you can cheat it with TDUF i.e : You just adjust "Ferrari 250 GTO" by it's Rarity : from 0.2 to 1
    Niche! Looping always top quality, pitch are always syncronized. That's all i feel. i use this a lot from now for Evo 8 and 9. (Feel like Driveclub in the TDU!) Thanks a lot greeting
    By making a TDU engine's sound mods nowaday. It may bring people to driving in TDU again. Thanks a lot, Reymondox. I really happy to use your engine sounds for specific vehicle for all the time from now on.
    Nice one, splendid. You did a great job as always. (Anyway, mind if i request, we need sound of Porsche's 911s (just 997) and also Jaguars Greeting
    i like your effort on trying to match FXX's sound in-game with actual video. (i also using the video, but i choose Driveclub game. Because i thought it would be a good engine sounds on there)
    holy cow....look at those AIs . They are rather chasing win than just stay behind in the line of the pack. Oh also, this'll run to the Platinum version ? greeting.
    what the hell is this ? TDU2 on TDU1 categories ?
    Thanks for the updated tool. but i got a problem with the Theme (i read the logs it said "Editor theme not found, using default colors" and car color Material i.e FordGT_05 not in Main Material too... Greeting
  2. The greatest mods! @Milli and your teams, i'm really thanks a lot to make this patch really makes my TDU would be the best time killer all the time! About tools : from TDUF. A first tool that i've started to discover how can use a car file name such 2_efijy.bnk(the Holden Efijy Concept) become 2005 Pontiac GTO's aftermarket parts. More, Chrysler 300C's become Firepower Concept, etc. TDUF its a helpful thing after one year i've could discover how to use. (Without TDUT. I can't even add some car's rims.....) and, tbh...i'm too late to see this new.. can you explain why it's been deleted ? Greeting
  3. Just replace tdu platinum's Custom Cars such Custom Car 1(file name is Custom_1.bnk). You might need any tool (tduf, tduut, tdu mt, notepad+, etc) to replace some unused car slot when you see at TDUF, then you can change their name with TDUF(TDUf its a OP tool). Also you can see for this case with this : Greeting
    The Real Paradise of Test Drive Unlimited ! I've enjoyed it as time killer by this patch for 1 year after Platinum's release.
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