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  1. Yes, You Can. = The Answer. Click Here (You Better Back Up your DATABASE Folder from your TDU) or perhaps...... you can also edit the entire "TDU Platinum Custom Cars Editable Vehicle" with your cars taste. (TDUF what you need it the most)
  2. Hey tasos, i got a problem, yes i've using your faster bot hex codelines. And also used OpponentDifficulty = 1.90 for FX.ini file the problem with the AI is... when the 3rd to 7th stay little far behind (but 3rd place barely cathc up). But the 8th place like stay far behind like a 1 mile behind or keep himself slowing (feels like 8th place doesn't want to race....) can you figure it out this time ? thanks
    Finally, Zonda's Up with precious sound!
    Pretty good looking with this beautiful HUD. (I really want to know...what tools you using than paint.net ?)
  3. (Back up needed) No problemo. Unless you know how to use what i said at my thread above (as long as you can edit the race at the game
    wow muscle cars sound mods are rare.... by this....c'mon keep up. Make more muscle car sounds!
  4. Maybe that Race including the AI are group between Group C until A perhaps ? ie. In One Race named "Seaside Slalom", they include group of AI it's group D & Group C. (check the database with TDUF. If Group D more than Group C in bot database lost. It could be crash, that's what i know because i've test it.) Or perhaps, .IGE files you should backing up. Because it's Race/Challenge file for the game. *edit : you should try this for editing FX.ini right in "FX" file direction from the game. Here's the link https://gist.github.com/Darkvapour/8977b08aeb6a115487c4bc8ed2842cb1 If you want to edit the race (by checkpoints, cash reward, group for AI, group requirement, etc) you just put GMEDESIGNER = TRUE. Greeting
  5. i'll send a video around here about that...just wait a minute Here, link for tutorial in TDUF for car tuning pack. Hope it's useful or understand for you....even anyone https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u-2UY6UA_Jyz1ouFxIHBEefq7m9UScRu/view?usp=sharing
  6. It was possible when you use TDUF....for handling....in 'tuning' section, you just only adjust 'grip' on Gemballa's or even it's 'braking ratio'
  7. You should try editing car's physics stuff with TDUF too change the car's acceleration, tire grip/handling, suspensions, gear ratio, etc!
  8. @calipso99 Yes, in the Database of the Game (you should try use TDUF for checking inside of TDU's Database) like..."bots who drive with Group D car are more quantity than bots who drive the Groud B cars" If one race with opponent's using Group D collab with Group B...it would be crashed.... yes, anyway.... You should try open FX.ini and then add GMEDESIGNER in it. (Reference from : https://gist.github.com/Darkvapour/8977b08aeb6a115487c4bc8ed2842cb1)
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