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    1. When you facing this problem again. You should be notice there'll no road or road got cutten that makes you fall into a endless loading screen. When you see that road, you should go to the Map Menu immediately.
    2. You missing the G65 AMG's car file You must add again G65_AMG.bnk and G65_AMG_I.bnk into the direction of the game root Test Drive Unlimited/Euro/bnk/Vehicules/
    3. @Neilan. It because i found by fx.ini in my case. Right the PhysicsMaxCount . The value still 35. So you can delete it or give slash like this : //PhysicsMaxCount = 35 *edit : the fx.ini file you can found it at folder named FX
    4. Hey, Reymondox.

      I thought you usually upload a mod every week...maybe i can have a change to request this week ? Just one xj220 sound mod from this :



      1. I didn't think that would be possible to PC or Xbox360. Same TDU but different Developer. (Who knows some people make a plugin about AI's club and boss)
      2. Yes, and welcome back for returning to the TDU (That Picture...what a good old day)
      3. Yeah, i feel the same. In TDUF...i'm also make fun with the transmission section, right in the Gearbox Inertia. I noticed it can also adjusting the 0-60 acceleration by lowering the value, it can be faster or increasing the value, it can be slower. And...also the Gravity_Center_Lenght in tuning section in TDUF it can be adjusting how heavy accelerating and cornering if i put a value like 57 or 60 Yes, right in the Overhangs. When i adjusting the value. It noticed when i'm cornering. Lower value, my car feels like lightweight or slippery. Higher value, my car feels heavy and slower.
      4. You should find the direction the kind of that front end start voice : your TDU direct path/Euro/Bnk/FrontEnd/sound There's a file named fe_snd.bnk you should have a backup to replace it
      5. Can you screenshot the "switching option) what you mean ? (Jeez i'll bet right the "option" in the game or Project Paradise setting
      6. Are you ever touch the database file ? I'll bet maybe your visual runtime ? Anti virus perhaps ?
        Perfect, like we back into the detailed Forza Motorsport 4 era. I like it. Maybe i can request you some V10 sound by DM you
      7. You should download the very first version of Platinum. Then copy the entire file from V12.1 to your game. And check the big.bnk, check the vehicles files, etc. (You said TDU Gold ?, I don't know if Platinum get worked in TDU Gold anyway)
      8. You should read again what Milli's latest said above about d3d9.dll in the game's folder. It already served at Platinum 12.1, isn't it ? Or you had different i bet ? Alright, then. Should i make intensive tutorial how to use TDUF with specific video one by one ? (again? if there already have in tutorial forum or something) Greeting
      9. hmmm....i understand what your complaining. sorry late reply. I'll give you link to understanding how to add, copy and delete slot of car. here's the link : TDUF or i'll show you a video according your case want to remove the car, download the video above bandicam 2022-10-16 19-43-24-420.mp4
      10. Yes, You Can. = The Answer. Click Here (You Better Back Up your DATABASE Folder from your TDU) or perhaps...... you can also edit the entire "TDU Platinum Custom Cars Editable Vehicle" with your cars taste. (TDUF what you need it the most)
      11. Hey tasos, i got a problem, yes i've using your faster bot hex codelines. And also used OpponentDifficulty = 1.90 for FX.ini file the problem with the AI is... when the 3rd to 7th stay little far behind (but 3rd place barely cathc up). But the 8th place like stay far behind like a 1 mile behind or keep himself slowing (feels like 8th place doesn't want to race....) can you figure it out this time ? thanks
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