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  1. It's a mistake by Eden Games. Some vehicles with digital gauges don't work in the PC version and it's a known issue that hasn't been fixed in this port for almost two decades.
    Although I used to play Platinum, will there be a similar fix for the Around the Crater race for version 2.00A? I get into a softlock and I couldn't start the race.
  2. I have some minor gripes regarding the Lamborghini Diablo SV model, just 4 minor things that could've been better (don't get me wrong, the model looks a bit decent). 1. The car shadow sometimes looks glitchy. 2. The hidden headlights aren't animated. 3. Race style seats and dash trim (which is something found on the real car's interior) isn't present. 4. The Diablo and SV badges have a low resolution texture, even when the Level of Detail is set to high. If those gripes were fixed, that would be grateful.
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