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Found 12 results

  1. AlessandroC29


    i have a doubt, someone rete a mod that allow me turn off and on the engine? like the actuallly games, i know looks like ridiculous but i love in other games watch the night with music n the car turn off
  2. Hey, This is an old question, I asked people in random threads but I couldn't get an obvious answer, so I ask it here so that anyone (like me) who need the ultimate answer, could know the answer. Of course this won't happen unless you help and answer this question. The question is, how to have the 1.66 version of TDU and have its FFB support for (at least) G27 wheels simultaneously. The reason of keeping the 1.66 of TDU instead of 1.45 is the bug fixes specially sound fixes that the newer patch has. Otherwise we all know that TDU v1.45 is working fine with G27 wheels (apparently, as I haven't checked it with a wheel). Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello. I am trying to modify some camera definitions files, because I need to zoom out the camera for my Ibiza Bus mod, but I don't know, where are these files located. I tried to unpack some vehicular .bnk files, but now I am even more confused. Can you please help me?
  4. Guys,since 2007 that i play tdu 1 without no problem until yesterday! Cuz hdd problems i needed to install the game all over again. And i did it, installed patch 1.66 mega pack (Required for some mods) and after 1.68b then.. tryied to install ferrari 458 italia by TDUZoqqer and some other. And Here we go! Completely stuck! Installer pop-ups! You can't install mods, because you don't have the mega pack installed. But wait a second. I'm not stupid i have the mega pack installed. tried other mods.. but nothing i find always that problem.. So pelase could someone help me with this PROBLEM ?
  5. Here is how you can help support the Anime/Game/Music/Hobby etc makers/producers You're not required to include product link(s) because whether you can't find a product or just feeling lazy But if you enjoy the piece of work, You're free and welcome to post purchase link to their stuff (Note that due to quality of content (e.g scams), you're only allowed to post below sites) Allowed sites: (more will be added in the future) Amazon.com | Amazon.co.jp | JList.com | Jbox.com | Play-Asia.com | YesAsia.com | You might already read our site manual that we do not allow linking to commercial / advertising stuff, that being said, the above sites are exceptions How to: Simply copy&paste link to the product / search result You can post related items as well, (e.g if you post a lyrics on the lyrics database, you can include a link to the Anime or Game product) This is an example and recommended format (optional) Related article, know the rights, see how the industry works: http://eudemon.org/topic/2383-we-support-the-makers/?p=4896
  6. I have started a thread on the forums of a game called "City Car Driving". Read through the thread and give your opinion but i think it may be our best bet at getting an MMO driving game back up and running. - Something to consider. Expanding into an MMO! : (Diablo you may remember me from TDU2 petitioning =D) Anyway i hope you guys give it a look. Something to consider. Expanding into an MMO! :
  7. Atari support sucks ? Sure for that issue as they had no solution... If your number of level 4 poker tournament victories is locked, do as this : reach level 4 table and quit game so as to loose your ticket. Re-launch it, then go and win an all new ticket at bar. If you win, your score will increase again. In fact, safest way is to get a ticket just before playing. Enjoy poker ;)
  8. Lets Give Karen -The bus monitor- H Klein A Vacation! -- Indiegogo That video says it all. These kids should be brought to justice for that. Corporal punishment needs to be reintroduced into schools the way some kids act these days...
  9. Hi guys, On TDU1, most cars have clutch support, (Stalls when you stop and don't apply clutch). But some cars do not, they have auto clutch. How can I turn auto clutch off for each car? (For Example VW Golf R32) I think it kinda ruins the cars. Thanks, Kingcena :cool:
  10. So I bought a Logitech Formula Vibration Feedback Wheel and it broke so Logitech replaced it, then the replaced wheel right paddle shifter broke, so they are sending me the new Driving Force GT...for FREE... How is that for service hey?
  11. Do as the title says and also comment on the videos if you like what you saw. :D Simpheels! 7mins 48secs of Noshahr Canals Rush
  12. Im trying to import some graphics from Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed and zmod does not seem to support the .crp .fsh or .tpg extentions any help?
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