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  1. Hi, check the initial post of this discussion thread and readme kind of files inside of the downloaded file. And or check this guide https://internetlifeforum.com/showthread.php?5175-How-to-run-TDU1-on-Windows-10
  2. maybe you did it wrong or you can try DMZ or VPN (you may PM me for that), some details are at https://internetlifeforum.com/showthread.php?5175-How-to-run-TDU1-on-Windows-10 when you search for "can not see any other players" Esc, Options/Settings, Controls, somewhere at the last tab is the controller sensitivity settings. I have middle to maximum sensitivity IIRC. The handling is not ideal, my Xbox one has a dead zone in the middle, I have not found how to fix it. Next thing regarding car handling is a Driving aid setting. I have it under "d" key IIRC and then arrows to change. Some cars feels heavier than others, that is normal.
  3. Do you have proper DirectX installed (like ver. 11) + your graphic card drivers + restart PC? It may be useless, but search for DirectX at https://internetlifeforum.com/showthread.php?5175-How-to-run-TDU1-on-Windows-10 is important to follow the steps in README kind of files (in project paradise, platinum pack) exactly and possibly do not install anything else.
  4. It may not work, but inside the Project Paradise launcher window, select(tick) only checkboxes: Vsync ; fx tweak OFF ; Big .bnk (Vsync checkbox is about fps), assuming that you are not missing any files inside Euro/Bnk/Vehicules/Traffic/. i think that you have said that traffic worked in original, non Platinum game). Some custom mods (if you have applied any) may cause issues.
  5. Make sure that you have created it correctly: "Confirm that the nickname is valid. Tick the tickbox of GameSpy. Do NOT touch/modify your email and password. And execute." Check your firewall rules, maybe remove Test Drive... entry so it prompt again, or add it manually again among allowed firewall apps (i am unsure if TDU Project Paradise (PP) is the binary that needs to be allowed), try temporarily disabling firewall or try using a VPN to connect, example service: https://protonvpn.com has free plan you can use to just create online profile and then connect normally?
  6. Check https://internetlifeforum.com/showthread.php?5175-How-to-run-TDU1-on-Windows-10 including section "Issues and possible solutions" and if something worked, please report what it was.
  7. I am seeing such graphics bugs from time to time (i do not think that i have any graphics mod beside platinum files). Sometimes it is just part of the road and i can drive it like the road is there. Maybe on game restart, road will be fine. Also you may try different vehicle.
  8. i am wondering how it looks like/screenshot. If is related to network, then it was suggested to try use VPN (proton.me has free good one), project paradise launcher need to be used to launch game, use default checkboxes, big bnk checked. If you have modified project paradise launcher settings from default, try to revert it (especially graphic related ones), same for in game video settings - maybe try to decrease it. It is likely i am wrong, maybe related to something else like graphic drivers.
  9. Yes, this happen to me also (and so i expect it is not file damage mentioned by Andrey). Try to observe if it is related to any particular app from which you switch to TDU, or about delay spent outside of TDU window, or returning using Alt+Tab versus clicking window in task bar to return to TDU.
  10. I did, but Supersport is not there only Sport. You can see it on the video where i buy the car and go to the Tuner. I already tried to tune to both versions but entering the tuner again does not offer SS.
  11. For some reason i do not see some 1.21 patch cars in showrooms, for example Chiron SS, Only Chiron Sport. Unable to find SSC Aero too. Already made sure to have patch 1.0 files overwritten by 1.21. big bnk enabled in PP launcher, d3d likely yes, but i will check (assuming in root TDU folder in Program Files). Hopefully next patch will be compiled and will fix it. Btw. interesting was that i can see some Bugatti SS of other players (am i looking in correct showroom for Bugatti SS? (the one that is at the end of the straight road that is below highway going north from the main city).
  12. I think that it was different when I have used Xbox One wired and other when wireless. Regarding Xbox OS drivers setup you may check this page. Btw. if anyone managed to get rid of the dead zone of the xbox steering stick, pls kindly share how to do it. One driver told me that Playstation gamepad does not have this problem or there is any patch for it. I would also appreciate any link to read some detail. Thank you
  13. Download latest Platinum mod (i think v. 1.21) and overwrite original game files with the mod files. As described in the mod thread and there:
  14. Hi all TDU1 drivers, I wanted to ask if there is any TDU1 A-class car driver that is free to drive ~daily around 13:00-16:00 CET/UTC/GMT+1 I am usually driving daily within this time around island 1-2 times, A class 700hp+. - Prefer (not insist) drive without bot cars. - Me: Driving aid Off, HC mode, Xbox One gamepad, experienced driver Best times without errors around island: 37m30s,14s,06s,26s F.FXX 38m00s Koenigsegg One, P.Huayra 38m30 Koenigsegg CCX 38m40s F.Enzo 38m47s,30s F1 LM, F1 GTR, F1 GT, F.TDF 39m22s LaFerrari, Senna(40m23s) 39m46s B.EB110 39m55s Dodge TA, M.P1, RUF RT12R, F.488Pista 40m16s L.LFA, M.F1, Zonda R, CLK GTR, TA 40m42s BMW M4F82, N.R35GTR, F.F12 Berlinetta LW 40m50s 599 GTO, TVR T440R, L.670-4SV 41m13s L.LP560 41m30s,56s F.F50, Viper SRT10 ACR 42m10s F.430Scuderia, L.Murcielago, RUF CTR2, Mustang Roush st.3, M.SLR722 42m23s L.LW, Viper GTS, P.911GT2 Message me please if that sounds interesting to co-drive with me. Thank You .
  15. Thanks, I already did this. My Platinum 1.0 and 1.21 are from torrent (1.21 torrent hash starts dd93*) and i have carefully replaced the files (except Extra folder which contains "Multiple Prize Cars" and Expert bots) overwriting all existing files... First installed game to have original game files, P1.0 then P1.21, but still have issue described in the last paragraph of my previous comment. Ideas what to try please? Chiron_SS.bnk exist, correct modification time..
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