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  1. @StarGT i've downloaded the fixed version of the archive but still it's the same as in that picture, with and without autopack 1.83
  2. Update the download link of thisR34 too, expired.
  3. Hi, i wanted to let you know that your skyline r34 gtr sound mod linv v0.2 is expired, could you update it?
  4. I see, i hope it will get released soon, of if possible i would like to have the link in private if it's not planned to be released at all.
  5. i have a bug, in the minimap i can't view the details of races, house ecc, all i get is a white label without infos, help?
  6. thanks! also can you upload this somewhere? Sadly i couldn't find it anywhere, i guess it was hosted on your group page before, but every link is down now.
  7. hey, this model is bugeged to me, the rims aren't using that model, instead those are black, more like O.Z rim model, the brakes are white, the car color is water green, what the hell?
  8. can you upload this pack on MEGA or mediafire? deposit files is too slow, 6 hours for 1 gb -_-
  9. The link is down, reupload the files somewhere, mega would be better since deposit files is slow as f***
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