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    The best McLaren sound mod in the whole TDU universe, no doubt! It gives the M838T so much drama and deep jet-like turbo feel, like it should.. Keep it up!
    Thank U DNF for this share of nice work! I love this sound for my C55 /SLK55 mod tho... and yes, at mid-rpm it feels a little sloppy (and can be louder) but still, well done. And the off-throttle V8 growl..me gusta. Keep up the good work mate!
    I think the idle should be beefier, more growl to the reving, also should be louder at top revs... Other than that, still like this for my tuned '15 GT. My accurate rating is 6.5/10. Please lukamenna_ keep up the solid work!
  1. BrianGamer022 Its probably happening because of the car mods themselves... When i teleport out of the area of the dealership, skins seem to appear when going back (but some wont). When i just replace those with different skin, it doesnt help at all. Never really found out info why some exact cars are completely invisible, sometimes wheels only...my example is 1971 Plymouth GTX, invisible 80-90% of the time. But i can live with another 850+ healthy cars tho. Peace!
  2. Thank you for this mod!! This sounds properly for 911 2.7 RS nicely in ma opinion..anyway, job well done with sampling and overall essence to it !
  3. Hello everyone, I'm Simon and i want to ask the most talented modding community of the TDU games for a favor. While playing TDU Platinum mod, i felt disappointed how the '02 Firebird T/A vanilla engine tone sounds=6k-rpm tractor So i got into searching real life LS1 exhaust to get some proper material to begin with, but i am NOT a modder. If anyone have some good experience with sound modding, can someone give a try, or give me some good tips on how to make healthy .BNK sound? Anyways, let's hear what i've found: Cockpit sound: I know there are some extra noises here and there, but still has many clean fragments. It represents the WS6 as it should. The only thing i know that samples should be like 6-8 secs long or so (Otherwise clicking or looping noise, comes in, right?) Also, i'm aware of my english sometimes, sorry (european) So, every feedback, ideas and opinions are welcome. Peace to the Turboduck community!
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