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  1. hi, i'm trying to play test drive unlimited 2 with the universal launcher on linux with lutris but when i start it the game starts but then crashes, this is the video of what happens 2023-08-29 21-30-26.mkv
  2. Hi, is there a way to take test drive Unlimited 1 character models and export them to programs like Blender?
  3. Yes, I put the files in the game folder as I wrote, then I start the Launcher the paradise one and when I start up nothing appears and then it crashes
  4. Hi, on my test drive unlimited platinum i decided to install the us independents update but now when i start the game the game crashes, can i fix this?, i dont want to reinstall the platinum mod again
  5. in the end I created a new profile with everything newin the end I created a new profile with everything new
  6. and how exactly should you do it after downloading this performance tool?
  7. I tried with hex but I don't understand why it ends or that there are two equal profiles or that nothing changes Or at the most I'm looking for someone who can keep my cars online and when I recreate my profile he gives them back to me because the problem is the cars
  8. hi, i have a problem with tdu, i understand that to play online with project paradise you have to create a profile by accessing gamespy, but i have a problem, my account where i made progress hasn't put gamespy, so i wanted to know and is it possible to do so that the profile can have gamespy to play without losing data?
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