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  1. Hi, i make a backup of my tdu folder and savegame folder because i change pc... now after restore folder, i don't have ant icon on the map, if i play in hardcore mode, but in "standard" mode all it's ok... how can i fix?? before format pc, i race in hardcore mode all race and event with 289 map mod installed... thanks!
  2. Hi, i have a question, it's possible with a mod or similar, have the backfires from exhaust in TDU1? thanks!
  3. not exist a mod to unlock? i find this, it's perfect! but the link it's down... for reach champion level, i few to finish the game... i want make a class F and E race with hardcore physics thanks!
  4. but in the main menu i don't have veteran or hardcore mode... only "new game" "continue" "profile" "option" "exit"
  5. hi guys, i see the hardcore mode on launcher of tdu platinum but it's write (solo race), what it's mean?? i can play career offline with this hardcore physics? i can make race and mission like model girl and shipment to delivery? thanks
  6. hi, i'm install the game with official 1.66 patch and platinum mod, it's needed install patch 2.00 before?? or platinum included all? and, other question... i have a micro stuttering but fps it's 60 ever, i have a 5900x and rtx 4090, i remind this game with this microstutter from the day one, it's possible fix this? thanks to all!
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